Reach both desk and deskless workers digitally

Connects your field, part-time employees, and volunteers dispersed globally to meet charity and nonprofits requirements.

Desk And Deskless Workers Digitally

Personalized communication on any device and in any language to stay productive


Delivering key communication and staying abreast with all the relevant information is a challenge that is often addressed manually in non-profits. Dispersed organizations result in scattered workforce facing collaboration challenges besides the disengaged environment. Communication with part-time employees or volunteers happens the traditional way in the current day too.

Personalize employee communication, irrespective of their mode of operation – desk or deskless, using Mesh. A Next-Gen Digital Workplace Accelerator Framework, offering an intelligent employee experience platform at a reliable cost to non-profit firms to connect the entire organization – including frontline workers, part-time volunteers, C-level executives, and trustees in a single collaborative digital workplace.

This experience platform assists the non-profit organization in streamlining business processes, managing the day-to-day operations, boosting employee engagement and much more. With advanced AI-powered features, Mesh transforms your organization into a truly hybrid work environment and makes it a centralized information hub to keep track of activities and achieve your goals.

Build your digital infrastructure with a destination site, including a mobile intranet, that facilitates the employees, frontline volunteers, fundraising teams to connect, collaborate, share content and news. Engage your employees and enable them to stay updated with the organization’s news. Start your intranet journey today.

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Mesh 3.0 - A Cloud Based Charity & Non-Profit Intranet Software

A hybrid work environment with advanced features that connect field, volunteers & part-time employees to support the mission.

Ngos Intranet Customizable Intranet Portal

Customizable Intranet Portal

A simple drag & drop option gives you the power to build your personalised charity intranet design that brings your brand to life and inspires users. With an intelligent digital experience platform, it is easy to adopt and use the intranet regardless of technical ability.

Ngos Intranet Idea Campaigns

Idea Campaigns

Capture your employee’s ideas and drive sustainable innovation at scale! Our idea management tool helps to capture great ideas from the field, part-time employees, not-for-profit workers and volunteers and foster employee involvement in driving innovation and business growth.

Ngos Intranet Digital Workflows And Forms

Digital Workflows and Forms

Reduce manual processes and improve efficiency with digital, automated forms, which have built-in notifications, adjustable workflows, and alerting capabilities which helps to save valuable time and cut costs for your organization.

Ngos Intranet Ease Of Onboarding Process

Ease of Onboarding

A well-organized onboarding process is proven to boost productivity and engagement. Intranet creates a personalized onboarding experience by providing tailored content to new hires and volunteers. Also, makes it easier for them to quickly build knowledge and relationships with peers in the hybrid work environment.

Ngos Intranet Multilingual Capabilities For Your Global Charity

Multilingual Capabilities For Your Global Charity

Empower your staff with the smart multilingual intranet in order to communicate a consistent message in multiple languages. With Mesh 3.0 you can translate the intranet content into more than 60 global languages.

Ngos Intranet Employee Recognition


Recognize your employees for their outstanding contribution with service awards, appreciations, rewards and much more. Employee recognition is the key to employee satisfaction that drives productivity and customer satisfaction. All the features are embedded with Mesh to create a great employee recognition program.

Ngos Intranet Centralized Content Management

Centralized Content Management

Keep your employees and volunteers updated on the latest news, research, information, marketing strategies, fundraising opportunities, announcements and more with an easy-to-manage centralized CMS. It also provides personalized targeted news and events to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Ngos Intranet Seamless Employee Engagement

Seamless Employee Engagement

Intranet contributes to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Non-profit organizations have several stakeholders to spread awareness, lead fundraising objectives, and other support activities. Using a modern employee engagement platform, everyone from your part-time volunteers, stakeholders to the chief staff and trustees are connected and engaged towards the same shared goals.

Ngos Intranet Multi Channel Availability

Multi-Channel Availability

Mesh’s support for multiple channel notifications and accessibility makes it stand out. An intranet with multi-channel communication can target and reach employees anywhere and anytime. The outreach capabilities of the intranet can help you interact with employees across all devices and in multiple formats. It empowers you to improve reach, drive employee engagement, and ensure employees hear your messages across your organization.

Ngos Intranet Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams

Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams

Our social intranet creates a relevant & personal portal with virtual water coolers to collaborate, share information, stay updated with the latest news and announcements. Employees can tag, mention coworkers and like posts, share files, images, and links using our built-in socializing features.

Transform how your organization Share. Communicate. Celebrate.

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MESH 3.0

Mesh 3.0 stands by the motto of ‘the right content at the right time to the right person’. An Employee Experience Platform powered with AI, it finely manages the data for enhanced collaboration, communication and engagement
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