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digital experience platform (DXP)

The World’s First AI-Driven Autonomous Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

A unified DXP solution to meet the different technological needs of your employees and customers

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To support the different needs of their employees and customers, organizations increasingly deploy various apps and platforms. This results in technological silos, integration challenges, inconsistent digital experiences, reduced agility and huge operational costs.

Acuvate’s AI – Powered digital experience platform – Mesh 3.0 helps companies overcome these challenges with an integrated solution that caters to any enterprise need. Take advantage of our world’s 1st autonomous SharePoint intranet, extranet and enterprise portal solutions built on a common digital experience platform (DXP). Delight your customers and employees with powerful digital experiences.

According to latest report by Gartner states customers’ growing expectations for digital experiences make DXP adoption an urgent necessity for global organisations

Philosophy Behind
Mesh 3.0 Autonomous Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital Workplace

A major Oil & Energy firm enhanced employee experience at a lower cost using our digital experience platform (DXP)

Key Benefits Of A Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital Experience Platform


Use a single DXP to build and deliver personalized digital experiences across intranets, portals, mobile apps, and more! Get a 360-degree view of your employees and customers and recommend the right content based on their preferences.

Digital Experience Platform

Connect All Your Apps For
A Single View

A flexible DXP seamlessly integrates with all your third-party apps like Office 365, SAP, SalesForce, Workday, Service Now, Kronos, and PeopleSoft etc., enables a single-window view and makes communication and collaboration easier for your employees, customers and administration team.

Digital Experience Platform

Stay Competitive With
Knowledge Mining

A DXP eliminates your integration challenges and accelerates your digital transformation journey. Have a single powerful digital intranet platform to collaborate, communicate, search and share  across the organization. Increase your competitive advantage!

Digital Experience Platform

Reduced Maintenance costs And Improved Security

In a traditional environment where apps and platforms are siloed, IT teams usually don’t have full visibility into app usage – resulting in increased maintenance costs and security risks.

With a DXP, you can have a common foundation for your apps, and thereby mitigate risks, reduce maintenance costs, and improve app usage visibility.

Digital Experience Platform

Technology System

Eliminate technological silos and the burdens that come with traditional intranet. DXP streamlines your enterprise technology architecture by bringing all your digital workplace features like CMS, search and navigation, analytics, mobile accessibility etc. under one platform. Get easy extensions for emerging enterprise needs.

Digital Experience Platform

Improve Agility And

Rapidly scale and adapt to the changing market conditions. Improve scalability by adopting emerging technologies faster with DXP.

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Why Mesh 3.0 as your Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

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Personalization And Recommendation

Mesh 3.0 lets information find you! It analyzes users’ preferences, profiles, activities, geo, behaviour etc. and recommends the right content and people to connect with.

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Smart Search

Mesh 3.0 comes with a Azure cognitive search. It acts as a centralized search your organization and reduces time to find information. Imagine having a Google-like search function in the digital experience platform (DXP)!

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Communication & Collaboration

Mesh comes with a range of communication and collaboration features including blogs, wikis, forums, chat and direct messaging, polls, comments, calendars, bookmarks, tasks and more!

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Content Management With Applied AI

Our platform uses applied AI to create a smart content repository. It automates manual tasks like metadata management, tagging and provides taxonomy recommendations.

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Knowledge Mining

Our autonomous digital experience platform (DXP) helps organizations in unlocking untapped knowledge with applied AI  to ensure the right information is available to the right person at the right time to take decisions faster and improve business efficiency.

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Domain Expertise

We have over 10+ years of experience in deploying beautifully designed digital intranets and Microsoft technologies for Fortune 500 companies. Our focus on innovation helps in rolling out new features and enhancements faster.

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