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Seek – An advanced SharePoint Analytics Tool

Make the most of your intranet investments

Once you have set your intranet system in motion, the next step would be to gauge its performance and generate better ROI on it. SEEK helps you there!


An efficient intranet system is an indispensable need of the organizations to boost employee collaboration, engagement and productivity. However, what is equally crucial is to constantly measure and analyze its performance and adoption.

Through insightful analytics, Acuvate’s SharePoint Analytics tool SEEK helps you understand intranet engagement across departments, track and improve the relevance of content and enhance information architecture of the organization.

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Know how a global company leveraged SEEK to boost the intranet adoption and performance.

The 4 Steps To Peak Performance

Quality Content

Performance Reports

Intranet analytics gives you current and historical reports on the performance of your intranet against a wide range of parameters including, users, sites, documents, location etc. This gives you clarity on the areas to focus on.

Improved Content Ranking

Content Ranking

Analytics shares with you the key insights into your content such as its ranking, novelty, engagement among your employees. Based on these insights, you can take measures to improve the relevance and thus rank of your content.

Increased Productivity


Based on certain variables, intranet analytics helps you understand where your intranet system stands when compared to your peers in the industry. It provides these insights in real-time so you have the latest information available.

Peer Comparison


By identifying intranet collaboration drivers and providing more relevant, updated, tailored content to your employees, you can make way for better utilization of your workforce efficiency and witness obtain higher productivity.

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Why You Should Consider SEEK As Your Best Intranet Analytics?

Sharepoint Analytics

Key Performance Metrics

Whether you are using a cloud-based or an on-premise hosted intranet, SEEK enables you to track its performance using various key metrics such as users, visits, pages, keywords, sites, location, browser, device, operating system etc.

Content Popularity Ranking

Content Popularity Ranking

SharePoint Analytics is effective in improving content-relevance by identifying what kind of content your employees are searching for and liking the most or least over the intranet.

Lower Operational Costs

Lower Operational Costs

Deploying and managing this SharePoint Analytics tool is not only easy but also economical. SEEK offers seamless support and comes with lower operational costs than other similar tools in the industry.

Unlimited Historical Reports

Unlimited Historical Reports

Besides ongoing trends, you can also use SEEK to gather relevant insights from the past with the help of all the historical reports it generated. This can give a better glance over the current performance.

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