Intranet Analytics

Intranet Analytics

Make your investment count with SEEK – Acuvate’s SharePoint Analytics Tool.

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Setting up an intranet system is just not enough; we need to monitor its performance throughout to make intranets efficient and successful.

There is always a risk involved when you use a third-party solution for the analytics. Highly sensitive information is put at stake as these third-party analytics save the data on their servers. You have no idea about the location where the data is stored, nor you control who can access these data. Through SEEK, your data is stored within your infrastructure in the location you choose and ensures data ownership too.

SEEK – a SharePoint analytics tool that measures the relevant usage analytics and engagement of the intranet. It also keeps up the content relevancy and analyzes their engagement patterns to bring out the most engaging content. SEEK promises to improve collaboration, user experience, and engagement upon analyzing the intranet usage and many other metrics without risking internal communications, privacy, and data.

Know how an MNC leveraged SEEK to improve its ROI.

The Benefits of Intranet Analytics

Usage Analytics Improve Content Relevancy

Improve content

Make your employees more connected by showcasing the content which they want to see, and what they are looking for. SEEK, identifies the most searched and liked content over the intranet by the employees thereby improving the relevancy of the content.

Usage Analytics Enhance Employee Experience

Enhance Employee

Tracking the keywords, user engagement, and patterns over the intranet and implementing changes as per the analysis will improve the employee experience and improve productivity.

Usage Analytics Key Performance Metrics

Key Performance

Get the right insights with the parameters that are important to your business. SEEK lets you track your intranet’s performance using various metrics such as users, pages, keywords, most searched content, location, browser, device, and much more.

Usage Analytics Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Reduce resource cost as you can measure ROI. Also, SEEK is highly economical and comes with lower operational costs as compared to other similar tools in the market.

Usage Analytics Historical Reports

Historical Reports

Gather your intranet insights not only with the ongoing trends but also with historical reports that can be generated using SEEK. Based on the past trends, you can make your current performance better.

Usage Analytics Secure Analytics

Secure Analytics

Understand the privacy of your team and secure the information with SEEK. Data is stored on your server and in the location, you choose and also ensures complete data ownership too.

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Why consider SEEK as your Intranet Analytics Tool?

Usage Analytics Worlds First Autonomous Intranet

World’s Best Employee Experience Platform

Mesh features advanced digital workplace capabilities including AI-powered personalization and content recommendations, knowledge mining, cognitive enterprise search, flexible app integrations, and intranet chatbots, making it the best Employee Experience Platform.

Usage Analytics Build With The Best Of Microsoft

Build with the best of Microsoft

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI technologies, including Azure Search Services, LUIS, Office Graph, and MS natural language Stack.

Usage Analytics Globally Recognized Digital Solutions

Globally recognized digital solutions

We have more than 14 years of experience in deploying SharePoint Intranet solutions for over 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across industries. Our solution is recognized by leading industry analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

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