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Mesh, Employee Experience Platform


It is evident that collaborative efforts are key to innovation, efficiency and success. However, it is not always as smooth a process as expected in entities with high headcount and multiple departments, especially in a global firm with geographical constraints.

Now with Acuvate’s AI-powered Intranet Mesh, you can address these challenges easily. A unified digital platform brings all your collaboration tools and people together and infuses a culture of collaboration across the organisation.

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Know how Mesh helped a major firm boost employee-collaboration across the enterprise.

The 4 Steps To Peak Performance

Better Employee Engagement


With a single unified platform for everyone to connect and share ideas, you can infuse collaboration throughout the organisation.

Improved Efficiency


Knowledge shared across teams and opportunities to put various skill sets together can result in optimised processes and operational output.

No Geographical Constraints

No Geographical

The intranet is able to defy geographical limitations with digital connectivity. It simplifies collaboration with your international colleagues.

Easy Access


Employees can access the collaboration tools and software on any device of their preference, irrespective of the type of operating system.

Why You Should Consider Mesh As Your Best Collaboration Software Choice?

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 And SharePoint Integration

Mesh a ready to use intranet that can be deployed in Office 365 and SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility. It can also bring in intelligent experience for the user.


MeshBOT Support

Mesh's digital assistant brings a smart work process by responding to frequent user questions and saves a significant amount of time by automating various tasks.

Centralised Structure

Centralised Structure

Mesh comes with features like shared project workspaces, discussion forums etc. to provide a single unified platform to communicate and collaborate.

Business And Finance

Scalability With Analytics

You can get detailed reports about your site and page performance, search keyword analysis, most downloaded documents, most active users etc. on Mesh intranet.

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