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Mesh – Employee Experience Platform which empower digital workplace to deliver right content at right time to the right person. A good intranet should work at the cloverleaf of your enterprise technology investments, business outcome and efficiency. Unite your digital landscape by breaking silos and overcoming barriers to enable a rich, integrated canvas of intranet accessible on any device, anywhere.

Mesh – Employee Experience Platform is built based on enhancing the 3C’s of the digital workplace.


Key Features

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Application Connectivity:

With our Integration Engine, you can connect to any Enterprise Applications in your organization seamlessly. These applications can be popular third party applications using standards or any custom business applications with simple connectors. Some key integrations points are Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, HubSpot, SAP, Slack, ServiceNow, Workplace, Confluence and many more.

AI Powered Personalization:

Mesh analyzes the employee’s behavior to relay the most suitable recommendations from across the enterprise. Supporting the recommendation engine working, is the user profile and organization memory which is generated using Machine Learning and MS Graph Services.

Based on various personal preferences captured, the employee will be relayed with the content such as

  • Recommended News, Documents, Events, People Connects, etc.
  • My Projects, Open Requests, Leaves, Events, etc.
  • My Team’s Anniversaries, Albums, Rewards, Recognitions, etc.
  • My dashboard view from SAP, Salesforce, Workday, etc.
  • My Groups, Communities, Departments, etc.
Ease Of Access

Connecting At Fingertips:

Employees are necessitating more knowledge, transparency, and more reliable communication mechanisms on the fly, owing to the increase in modern workplace culture. 9 to 5 chained to a desk is no more the workplace dynamics. Amidst 20% of millennial who work flexibly and 45% using personal phones for work, it appears mobile accessibility is a must. Mesh enables users to access the Intranet content from anywhere through different channels.

  • On the go access with a Dedicated Mobile App.
  • Ability to access intranet content by chatting with “MeshBOT
  • Through the Desktop Portal giving wider options for a user to get what they want.

Cognitive Enterprise Search:


Mesh includes a powerful comprehensive search which is connected to Office 365 and various enterprise applications. The indexing of the search happens using various cognitive capabilities such as key phrases and tag generation, text extraction from scanned documents, face and object detection from pictures and videos, etc. which makes the search powerful. Besides, the search input can understand natural language phrases with auto suggestions. All these make this search a ‘One-stop search’ of your Organization.

User Experience:


The UI architecture of Mesh 3.0 is flexible enough to accommodate the best of UX suitable for the organization based on branding and organization culture needs. Content is relayed and arranged to deliver the right content to the employee needed both on the Homepage feed or in the search results. The theme is compatible with the SharePoint Native theme engine, making it flexible for wider options. With the multilingual support using Bing Translation services, users can get content in their preferred language.

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Core Features

Mesh comes with a plenitude of features to facilitate your digital workplace needs



Multidimensional Communication

Cognitive Enterprise Search

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