Meshbot A Sharepoint Intranet Chatbot

MeshBOT - A SharePoint Intranet Chatbot

Digitally transforms your workplace to comprehend the collaboration hassles of enterprises

Deliver an Incredible Employee Experience With AI-Powered Chatbot


Intranet in today’s world is a one-stop-shop for sharing, communicating, collaborating, supporting employee needs in an organization. Employees get more involved and engaged with business tasks when information is easily accessible. The information overload or scattered data in the knowledge/database lowers the engagement and productivity rate.

A powerful conversational chatbot integrated within the intranet system creates an engaging and highly scalable next-generation intranet that boosts collaboration. It enriches employee and customer experiences through a unique combination of conversational and digital user interfaces. With the intuitive UI and a handful of options at a click, chatbot simplifies the usability of the intranet, magnifying the employee experience.

Chatbots, powered with AI, offers a smart way of interaction for employees within the organization. Integrating MeshBOT – An Enterprise ready chatbot for SharePoint intranet enables your employees to find information quickly, fetches materials or documents directly within the chat interface without opening the SharePoint portal.

Why MeshBOT as a Virtual Assistant?


Quick Level1 Support

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Provide instant answers and support to IT complaints with reliable self-service options. Initiate ESS requests like Leave request, IT ticket creation, new customer entry and more directly from the chat interface.

Enterprise Search Experience

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Get a relevant piece of information from tons of data in no time. MeshBOT will look for answers in Knowledge Base or search across the Intranet and all your business applications with all ease.

Better Employee Engagement

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Deliver timely, accurate, and effective communication and collaboration experiences to users at scale.

Streamlined HR system

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Provide accurate and immediate personalized responses to multiple people and enable faster and consistent information and data collection process.

Multilingual Support

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Eliminates the language barrier and engages with your customers/employees globally in the language of their choice.

24/7 Available

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A bot that is always connected to your intranet bringing the latest information, news, updates and more. MeshBOT works 24/7 to drive intranet adoption.

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Benefits of MeshBOT

Meshbot Boost Collaboration

Boost Collaboration

Meshbot Simplify Process

Simplify Process

Meshbotautomate Tasks

Automate Tasks

Meshbot Access To Latest Info

Access to Latest info

Meshbot Timely Updates

Timely Updates

Meshbot Adapts To Office Jargon

Adapts to Office Jargon

Meshbot Access & Update Critical Tasks

Access & Update Critical Tasks

Meshbot Personalised User Experience

Personalised User

Meshbot Conversational Interface


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Mesh Bot

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