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The question of how accessible your intranet is triggering a thought outline of where the employees prefer accessing it to stay connected.

According to Deloitte, Mobile devices are unleashing productivity and collaboration within the workforce, especially for the 70% of workers who don’t sit behind a desk a day.

Employee apps are gaining popularity and giving a thorough makeover to internal comms. Part of staying competitive in the digital age involves engraving on the reach and potential of mobile devices to keep employees engaged.

A dispersed workforce’s internal communication is made efficiently possible by intranet access over different devices, giving operational leaders the instruments to distribute job-critical information in meaningful moments.

Connecting At Fingertips

Responsive and Mobile


With Mesh responsive intranet design and compelling native mobile app – your employees can access crucial knowledge, connect with co-workers and receive essential communications, from any device.

Mesh’s responsive experiences scale seamlessly across devices to display your content beautifully on a range of different screen sizes. Whether employees are engaging with your content in the mobile app or a browser on a PC or Mac, or Microsoft Teams, you can be rest assured that your content will look exactly as you intended. Avoid designing multiple versions of the site pages for different devices.

Intranet Companion


Break down barriers and bring relevance to your intranet using a companion chatbot a.k.a a virtual assistant. In the era of messaging application dominance, an intranet is no exclusion.

Traditional channels often do not reach all employees or fail to reach them promptly, giving employees inadequate time and information. Connecting your digital landscape with a conversational user interface in the shape of a chatbot can accelerate information access, help with troubleshooting during critical times and deliver a rich yet dynamic personalized experience powered by AI.


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