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Mesh At A Glance

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Knowledge Management

Powered with vital AI elements, our digital workplace accelerator allows you to channelize, organize and manage the data stored in the organizational memory. It effectively leads to governance of the entire data with a centralized repository for knowledge management. The exclusive functionality of auto-tagging minimizes the over-consumed space and to the effect empowers auto search for the enormous data.

Collaboration & Communication

Disparate workforce with unplanned, open-ended and circumstantial interaction deepens the rift in the workforce. While exerting to make collaboration an everyday experience, Mesh comes to your aid. Powerful collaboration features of Mesh for rationalizing, consolidating and employing unifying collaboration tools enhance the operational efficiencies and opens new arenas for team socializing.


Customized content delivery is the key for the overall adoption of an intranet in your organization. Powered with applied AI, Mesh functions to populate a recommended list of content based on user profile, interactions, teams, etc. Activity streams, group constructs, geographical preferences are leveraged to render tailored content experiences to add aspect of personalization for the employees, thus increasing the productivity.


A single user interface that delivers access to commonly used applications is an obvious expectation of a modern workforce. Mesh, with its sophisticated and strong framework supports extensive integration with all kinds of LoB applications. A pool of routine LoB applications including HR, IT, etc. can now be accessed through a single intranet platform. Enabled with all the essential tools, Mesh’s solid integration out-turns enhanced productivity.

Applied AI

AI can finely balance information across all channels for business and employees. Mesh comes with AI embedded to achieve auto-tagging of content, improved targeting, personalized content creation, knowledge management, improved recommendations, and intelligent search. A dedicated digital agent-driven with highly evolved natural language processing(NL) and machine learning (ML) engine make Mesh exclusive.

Digital Experience

We understand the notion of digital workplace not just as an adoption of latest innovations but but a holistic experience of constantly evolving with every release. With a decade of experience, we have intensified the aspects of digital user experience. Mesh offers a flexible and agile work experience that goes beyond delivering highly tailored content. Experiences, information, applications and services of today and the innovations of tomorrow come in circle with Mesh.

Mobile Style
Mesh is now Available on Mobile and Responsive Too
Now get your digital workplace experience with our mobile app and mobile search engines available for both iOS and Android.

Core Features

Mesh comes with a plenitude of features to facilitate your digital workplace needs



The AI powered engine autonomously delivers highly tailored personalized content that is most relevant for you.

Multidimensional Communication

Experience strong web of internal communication – top down, bottom up and lateral with the extensive tools list.

Document Collaboration

We use Office 365 for powerful collaboration of documents, file sharing, better structuring – making documents employee friendly.

Smart Recommendations

Receive automatic recommendations for people, documents and more with the cognitive capabilities of the intranet.


Reach out to your team easily for collaboration, no matter where you are located with the one stop intranet platform.


Make you digital place content lively with our dedicated media server to stream enchanting videos, audios, recordings and more.


Features like comments, mentions and more across different channels gives your employees a personalized experience of collaboration at workplace.

Ease of

Easily integrate with most of the enterprise applications such as SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce and other Line of Business applications.


Get detailed usage insights with various metrics and charts with our analytics tool SEEK in the digital platform.


A digital assistant available round the clock assisting employees with basic troubleshooting, information accessing, etc is a part of the platform experience.


Access your personalized intranet from any device anywhere and have the required information ready at your fingertips.

Workbench (CMS)

Worry less and Manage your content effectively with exclusive feature such as content authoring and editing.

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