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Idea Management In A SharePoint Intranet leveraging AI

Drive sustainable innovation at scale!

Capture, Manage and Nurture Employee Ideas Using A SharePoint Intranet


Your brightest business ideas can be your next best move to improve business processes, achieve lean cost expenditure and constant increase in productivity. Empower the frontline innovation and collaboration leveraging smart technologies like AI and ML.

Our idea management tool helps you capture the best ideas of your employees and foster employee involvement in driving innovation and business growth.

Get a definitive workflow to submit, crowdsource, shortlist and implement ideas. Use a smart search engine to find ideas for a business challenge. Take advantage of AI to reduce idea review efforts. Do all this and more at the comfort of your intranet!

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Idea Management Has Never Been Easier!

Idea Management Ideate And Collaborate

Ideate and Collaborate

Get a single platform to submit ideas, collaborate, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas which are bright and can be execution-ready.

Idea Management Solutions To Business Challenges

Solutions To Business Challenges

Determine the right idea or solution for your business challenge! Simply submit your challenge and let our solution bring you the best employee ideas.

Idea Management Nurture And Grow Ideas

Nurture and Grow Ideas

Mesh simplifies crowdsourcing ideas with social features including likes, comments, discussions, panel member voting etc.

Idea Management Gamification


Encourage employees to submit new ideas by rewarding contributors. Use gamification features like virtual points, achievement badges, achievement levels, leader boards with progress bars and other visual meters.

Idea Management Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Dashboards

Measure the success of your innovation program with meaningful dashboards within the organisation.Plan, control, monitor, and analyse ideas from various perspectives.

Idea Management Search For Ideas

Search For Ideas

Use an intelligent search engine driven by AI to discover previously submitted ideas. Find the right ideas quickly and seamlessly.

Idea Management Faster Review Of Ideas

Faster Review Of Ideas

Flooded with too many ideas and not sure of their review history? Mesh leverages AI to group similar ideas together and shows the status of each idea – whether it’s approved or implemented or rejected.

Idea Management Flexible Workflows For Review

Flexible Workflows For Review

Manage innovation with flexible workflows. Get new ideas by either creating a new business challenge or searching within the existing idea pool. Have definitive processes to review, prioritize and shortlist ideas.

Idea Management Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

The idea management module in a mobile app helps employees to share ideas on the go and capture “eureka” moments.

Idea Management Flexible Integrations

Flexible integrations

Mesh provides flexible integration with all your enterprise apps. Integrate with your project management tool to ensure a seamless idea execution process.

Idea Management Sharepoint Based Intranet

SharePoint-based intranet

Mesh is a SharePoint-based intranet platform deployable both in on-premise and cloud environments. Take advantage of your existing SharePoint license instead of opting for another siloed idea management tool.


Mesh listed among top SharePoint intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019

How is AI Transforming Innovation Management


Drive Sustainable Innovation At Scale

Dobble Line
  • Eliminate repetitive and duplicate ideas
  • Create idea clusters by grouping similar ideas together
  • Accelerate idea review process
  • Illuminate hidden ideas with an intelligent search

Ensure Transparency In Innovation Management

Dobble Line
  • Get a dedicated page for all stakeholders to access details about existing ideas and business challenges
  • Enable everyone involved to track the status of ideas submitted and review the progress towards implementation

Archive Unused

Dobble Line
  • Archive and retain unused ideas in a memory hub
  • Develop relationships among unused ideas that are similar in nature
  • Notify people about relevant unused ideas when they’re searching for solutions in the future.

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Why You Should Consider Mesh As Your SharePoint Intranet For Idea Management?

Idea Management World’s First Autonomous Intranet

World’s Best Employee Experience Platform

In addition to an idea management tool, Mesh also features a range of advanced capabilities including Azure cognitive enterprise search, content personalization, flexible app integrations, making it the best Employee Experience Platform.

Idea Management Best Of Microsoft Ai Technologies

Best of Microsoft AI Technologies

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI services. Azure Search Services, LUIS, Graph, MS natural language stack are all a part of Mesh!

Idea Management Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We have more than 14 years of experience in deploying SharePoint Intranet solutions for over 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across industries. Our solution is recognized by leading industry analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

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