Enterprise Search Powered By Azure With Microsft V2

Cognitive Enterprise Search

New generation enterprise search leveraging AI to improve search experience and bring in more relevant results 

Reduce the time to find information with a centralized cognitive enterprise search
enabled in a SharePoint intranet

Are your employees spending too much time searching for information?  If yes, don’t worry – you are not alone. According to McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours every day approx 9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information.

With a decade long association with Microsoft and as a Microsoft AI inner circle partner, Acuvate presents intelligent cognitive enterprise search that is integrated with Mesh 3.0 – World’s best Employee Experience Platform built on SharePoint. Connect all your internal and external enterprise apps together and have a unified search engine to access relevant org-wide knowledge from within your intranet!

Our cognitive enterprise search solution leverages the Microsoft Azure platform in particular Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning services to provide personalized and highly relevant search results.

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The Importance Of Upgrading From Enterprise Search To Cognitive Search

Deliver Personalized Experiences with Enterprise Search Function



Based on user’s preferences, successful searches, and other data collected, the search relevance is improved with machine learning.



Deliver personalized content recommendations based on user’s location, interests, role, past activities etc.

Smart Suggestions

Smart Suggestions

Enable a rich user experience with auto-complete, smart suggestions, geospatial search, filtering and faceting features.

Conversational Search

Conversational Search

Conduct natural language conversations with a chatbot or voice bot and access information seamlessly via text or voice mediums. These bots will be available as  personal assistants within your intranet and also in your messaging applications like Teams, Skype For Business, Skype etc.

Multi Media Search

Multi Media Search

Enterprises collect huge amounts of image and video content that are usually not searchable. With the power of Azure vision and language services,, we transform this unstructured data into searchable content.

Ngos Intranet Multilingual Capabilities For Your Global Charity

Multilingual Search

Deliver search results in multiple languages. Cater to the language needs of employees across the globe with AI and NLP.


Mesh listed among top SharePoint intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019

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Acuvate’s Case Study Presented By Microsoft:

Acuvate helps customers gain rich data insights that accelerate digital transformation with Microsoft AI solutions

Why should you consider our cognitive Enterprise search solution?

Connect All Your Apps

Connect Your Apps

Cognitive search integrates with all your enterprise systems including Office 365 applications and your third party applications like  Service Now, SAP, Workday, Kronos etc. The intranet will function as a Central Information Hub wherein the employees can search for information across all their apps.

Unstructured Data

Unlock The Value of Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is growing at an unprecedented rate and not many organizations have tapped its potential. Cognitive search uses built-in AI capabilities like key phrase extraction and named entity recognition to illuminate unstructured data and improve the accuracy of decision making


Best of Microsoft

Our solution is built with the best of Microsoft AI services across vision, language and speech. We leverage Azure Search Services, LUIS, Graph, MS natural language stack to deliver powerful search experiences. 

Knowledge Mining

AI-Powered Knowledge Mining

Success of any cognitive search solution depends on the knowledge mining capabilities that empower it. With auto tagging and automated metadata generation features, our solution delivers relevant search results ranked based on the user’s persona.


Decade-long Partnership With Microsoft

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have over 10+ years of experience in deploying digital workplace solutions and Microsoft technologies for Fortune 500 companies.

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