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Mesh provides a centralized interface with essential intranet features encompassing communication, collaboration, and effective knowledge sharing wrapped up while designing SharePoint intranet with an efficient UI. It is an assortment of diverse modern SharePoint intranet features like Azure Cognitive Search – An Enterprise Search for intranet, AI chatbot (MeshBOT), SharePoint Intranet Analytics and many more!

A modern intranet solution is underpinned with serving the relevant and contextual information to the right person at the right time. Build and deliver a modern Office 365 SharePoint intranet portal that is available anywhere and on any device in no time.

By leveraging the best of Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, Microsoft Graph, Azure Cognitive Services, Office 365, Mesh make your intranet feed more dynamic, personalized, and social.


Mesh listed among top SharePoint intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019

Define or Refine Your SharePoint Intranet Journey with "Mesh"


From business to technical ability, Mesh intranet got it all covered. Driving intranet adoption, usage, and productivity are the core outcome achieved effortlessly with the kind of advanced architecture it comes with. 

What's New in Mesh Intranet

Sharepoint Intranet Personalization

Personalized Feed 

Let not your intranets be content and information dump yards. With Mesh, you can access personalized intranet feed based on your activities, preferences, geo, department-specific information, etc using Machine Learning and Microsoft Graph Services. An individual employee experience delivered seamlessly by mapping to their activities, personal preferences and behaviour patterns. Never miss relevant information buried in the piles of organizational memory.

Intelligent Sharepoint Intranet

AI In SharePoint Intranet

After long tackling years of document management struggles, now it’s the time enterprises are tuning its organizational memory into a critical asset for knowledge management system with the infusion of AI in their Intranets. With the advent of AI, knowledge becomes accessible, sharable, and actionable within the enterprise. To gist it out, a single piece of content created becomes a part of the complex knowledge network automatically, bringing in more searchability, context and relevance.

Sharepoint Intranet Enterprise Search

Cognitive Enterprise Search

Mesh comes with an AI-powered Cognitive Enterprise Search to find most relevant information across SharePoint intranet system. Our cognitive enterprise search solution leverages the Microsoft Azure platform in particular Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning Services to provide personalized and highly relevant search results.

Sharepoint Intranet Integrations

Lob Integrations

Rendering a single user interface experience by integrating enterprise business applications is the core of Mesh. Pre-built connectors for the most widely used applications like Office 365, Workday, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Slack, Hubspot, Confluence etc., has made quite an impact for quickening the launch of intranet for enterprises.

Sharepoint Intranet Persona

Persona Builder

Personas draw in requisite human behavior. It gives organizations the ability to compose predictions about how users react and consume different kinds of information available. Most interactive forms of information availability have multiple audience segments. So, a strong persona built comes handy in maximizing intranet adoption and enumerate the goals accordingly. Personalization in Mesh has a positive side effect of creating the personas automatically to plan the next move wisely.


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MeshBOT - An Enterprise ready bot for SharePoint intranet


Mesh comes with a companion bot “MeshBOT”. A bot which is connected to your intranet providing rich self-services user experience. MeshBOT uses Microsoft BOT framework and Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). It also uses cognitive, AI and ML benefits in Microsoft Azure to obtain intelligent user experiences in the digital workplace.

Benefits of using MeshBOT On SharePoint Portal

Sharepoint Intranet Collaboration

Better Intranet

MeshBOT adds context to modern intranet collaboration as it automates mundane tasks and eliminates inefficiencies & improve productivity.

Sharepoint Intranet Chatbot


MeshBOT can provide seamless assistance and 24/7 availability which provides the end users with a simplified and efficient process.

Sharepoint Intranet Automation


MeshBOT enables automation of updates, keeping fresh information available to employees at all times, thereby increasing employee productivity.

Sharepoint Intranet Chatbot Notifications

Access To
Latest Intranet News

MeshBOT sends pop-up messages and pushes notifications about important and relevant updates, news, birthdays, anniversaries, recognition’s etc, enhancing collaboration in the digital workplace

Sharepoint Intranet User Experience

User Experience

MeshBOT acts as the voice of an intranet and gives the intranet, a persona. User can simply send a quick message like “What’s new?” and get the latest information on the intranet.

Sharepoint Intranet Chatbot Conversation


The conversational UI of MeshBOT helps employees get access to information across the intranet within the same messaging channel and take further actions easily.

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