User Experience

User Experience

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Intranet experience is all about the quality of user interaction. Traditionally the IT is instrumental in designing the user experience but somehow they couldn't stand as a usability expert. Later came the communication specialists designing the user experiences. They have partially succeeded in designing a user experience, yet the downfall in adoption continued.

Encircling this antiquity, mesh uses machine learning, office graph and AI elements to devise a unique and personalized experience for employees. On the home site, employees will now see tailored information personalized based on their activities, interactions, location, etc - a core of the employee's user profile.

It includes a comprehensive suite of digital workplace features which enhances the employee experience, streamlining day-to-day employee operations, improve employee engagement and maximize the intranet adoption.

It is designed in a way to provide a breakthrough user experience and flexibility to swiftly adopt unique digital experiences based on the organization culture and the pulse of employees.

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One-Stop Digital Workplace Hub


A personalized portal to push and pull notifications integrate and use the line of business apps, corporate documents and access company information in one click.

All corporate information, employee data and personal applications are displayed in a personal dashboard making employees stay connected, save time and easily manage all their tasks. 

With this all-in-one application, employees can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently from anywhere, at any time, on any device improving user experience.  


Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019

Leverage Mesh to deliver the perfect user experience, every time.


Easy to deploy

Mesh is built with a user-friendly and intuitive interface with cost-efficiency that allows personalizing your user experience based on user personas, organizational culture and brand guidelines. 

Easy to Handle

Bolsters content management capabilities to create engaging experiences with no code skills and make it easy for anyone to share content, customize site widgets, and integrate with enterprise applications to organize tasks. 

Easy to Analyze

Analytics are critical in taming the user experience. Let not your intranet content bog down the efficiency of the investments made in digital workplaces. Mesh comes along with Seek – an advanced intranet analytics solution which helps in measuring the adoption and forms the basis to chalk down a strategy to maximize utilization. 

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