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Internal Communications

Makes the most of your employee Communications on digital workplace platform

Bring a comprehensive internal communications system In Your Digital Workplace Using Mesh


While internal communications have a significant role to play within an organization digital workplace, generally they fall short on meeting their objectives. The reason is the bombardment of irrelevant information, disconnect between leadership and employees, and multiple tools for different actions.

Acuvate’s Mesh can provide you with intelligent internal communications software and tools which can send AI based personalized notifications to your employees, facilitate effective cross-level internal communications, finds relevant information with Azure cognitive search and encourage engagement with inbuilt socializing tools.

Internal Communications Software

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Key Benefits of internal communications

Single Communication

Enhanced Employee Communication

Mesh intranet contains all the tools of internal communications at one place. Employees can choose the relevant tools to get connected and engage with the co-employees of any levels.

Effective Content

Effective Content Management

These tools help in creating a rich-media content with appealing visuals almost instantly. The content thus produced grabs the attention of readers effectively.

Better Engagement

Better Engagement
With Social Tools

Mesh’s in-built social tools and Yammer-integrated features allow the recipients to react and comment on content by sharing it with other users in real-time.

Enterprise Search Icon

Enterprise Search Function

You can get targeted information based on function, title, location etc. When people only have what they need, they can get more ROI on their time and be more productive.

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Why Mesh As Your Internal Communications Software

Internal Communications Event Management

Improved Event Management

Mesh sends out timely event alerts to the right people in a visually-engaging communication, thus enhancing your event management efforts.

Internal Communications Personalized Notifications

Personalized Content Alerts

The users can use the software and tools to choose what they want to view. You can then schedule the personalized notifications to ensure that they are engaged.

Internal Communications

Cross-Level Communications

Whether the internal communication is top-down, bottom-up or lateral, you can make it effective using Mesh.

Internal Communications Chatbot

Chatbot Support

Mesh’s MeshBOT provides a rich self-service experience by connecting all the employees within organization and answering to their FAQ’s.

Internal Communications Integration

Office 365 Integration

Mesh is ready to use Employee Experience Platform that can be deployed on Office 365 and SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility.

Internal Communications Easy Access

Friendly Access

Mesh enhances digital workplace accessibility by facilitating access on any operating system or communication devices, giving them much flexibility and convenience.


Mesh listed among top SharePoint intranet providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019.

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