Employee Engagement Platform

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Employee Engagement Platform

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Delivering a powerful employee experience is critical for any business enterprise.

The all-in-one Employee Engagement Platform improves engagement with discussion forums, idea management portal, centralized information hub, customized features, personalized updates, and relevant recommendation based on his/ her activity, job role, location and much more. Employees feel more valued and connected, steering them to contribute more towards achieving business goals.

Mesh 3.0, a ready to deploy digital experience accelerator platform facilitates extensive collaboration, knowledge-sharing, access to personalized content and recommendation with customized feature drives employee experience and engagement. Mesh consolidates organization-wide data and tools and enables employees to deliver better service while connecting them on a unified digital interface.

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The Benefits of an Employee Engagement Platform

Employee Engagement Platform Easy On Boarding

Easy On-boarding

Mesh enables easy onboarding to all the new employees aboard. Make them connected and engaged with its personalized content and recommendation feature.

Employee Engagement Platform Nurture Networking

Nurture Networking

Mesh, an intranet solution with many features encapsulated in it, enables networking with people from various departments, teammates etc. Employees can connect with their colleagues on the platforms where they share common interest, discussion forums, teams etc.

Employee Engagement Platform Integration


Many tools and applications are consolidated in the intranet platform that facilitates easy navigation, zero context switching which thereby saves time of an employee and increases productivity.

Employee Engagement Platform Personalized Information

Personalized Information

With Mesh, ready to deploy digital experience accelerator platform, employees get relevant information and updates based on their activities, job role, location etc. This enhances engagement of an employee, reduces time, and thereby enable the workforce to invest their precious time on productive work.

Employee Engagement Platform Rewards And Recognition

Rewards and recognition

Make your employees feel proud to be a part of the organization through rewards and recognition. For instance, Mesh 3.0 enables employees to put forward their ideas coming from eureka moment on idea management portal and reward employees for their contribution. This enhances employee engagement and improves productivity.

Employee Engagement Platform Business Analytics Dashboards

Business Analytics Dashboards

Visual representation of workforce engagement and intranet usage with intuitive dashboards are very helpful in making informed decisions to enhance engagement of your workforce.

Employee Engagement Platform Crowdsourcing


Gather ideas, new business initiatives, opinions etc. through surveys and polls. Crowdsourcing ideas from employees will enhance contribution and user engagement.

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Why consider Mesh to deploy Employee Engagement Platform?

Employee Engagement Platform Worlds First Autonomous Intranet

World’s Best Employee Experience Platform

Mesh features advanced digital workplace capabilities including AI-powered personalization and content recommendations, knowledge mining, cognitive enterprise search, flexible app integrations, and intranet chatbots, making it the best Employee Experience Platform.

Employee Engagement Platform Build With The Best Of Microsoft

Build with the best of Microsoft

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI technologies, including Azure Search Services, LUIS, Office Graph, and MS natural language Stack.

Employee Engagement Platform Globally Recognized Digital Solutions

Globally recognized digital solutions

We have more than 14 years of experience in deploying SharePoint Intranet solutions for over 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across industries. Our solution is also recognized by leading industry analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

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