Modern SharePoint Intranet


A Guide To Choosing A Modern SharePoint Intranet

Traditional Intranets Are Dead – Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well


The world of intranets has changed a great deal in the last decade! Modern SharePoint intranets are the gateway of a modern workplace.

With dozens of solutions available in the SharePoint market, choosing the right
intranet that not only provides advanced capabilities but also fits your
business needs is critical.

This guide is created to help you take an informed decision while evaluating
different intranet solutions and vendors. We’ll explore:

  1. What is a modern intranet and why your organization needs one
  2. How to capture your business requirements and intranet objectives?
  3. Features to look for in a modern intranet
  4. Comparison of different solutions
  5. Vendor evaluation checklists
  6. Tips to help you get started