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AI-Powered SharePoint Intranet With Intelligent Multilingual Capabilities


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Localize your SharePoint intranet with Azure text translator services

Mesh Multilingual

Global organizations need a centralized multilingual intranet to communicate a consistent message in different languages. Intranets which provide native language content eliminate geographical barriers, encourage collaboration across borders, localize user experience and drive adoption rates.

Acuvate’s Mesh 3.0, World’s Best Employee Experience Platform, leverages Microsoft AI and Azure translator services to deliver powerful multilingual experiences. Our solution supports real-time text translation for 60+ languages to engage every user equally. It enables intranet localization at scale!


Know How a global financial services company increased employee engagement with our multilingual SharePoint intranet

Multilingual Support

Benefits of a Multilingual SharePoint Intranet

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Localize and personalize the intranet experience
  • Improve employee collaboration and engagement
  • Drive intranet adoption
  • Promote diversity and improve company culture

Key capabilities of Our Multilingual SharePoint Intranet

Content Management
Publish Language-Specific Content Seamlessly

Mesh 3.0 allows content authors to publish and manage language-specific content from one central location. Its machine translation and 1:1 translation editing capabilities enables employees to participate in the intranet in their desired language.

Bilingual V1
Comprehensive Multilingual Experience

A true multilingual intranet provides translation capabilities across features. All the core functionalities of Mesh 3.0 – search, main navigation, communication apps and collaboration tools can work in the desired language of the user.

Translation V1
Customize Your Translations

Build custom translation models along with Azure Translator to better handle your industry and company-specific terminologies.

Global Language
Broad Language Coverage

Mesh 3.0 supports accurate text translations between more than 60 global languages.

Multilingual Search
Switch Languages

Users will have the ability to switch languages back and forth based on their preferences.

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Why should you consider Mesh 3.0 as your Multilingual SharePoint Intranet?

Ai V1

Accurate Translations With AI & NLP

Mesh 3.0 brings the best of Microsoft AI, NLP, machine learning and cognitive technologies together. This helps in understanding the intent behind sentences better and delivering accurate translations.


Recognized Translation Technology

Leverage the same machine translation technology that powers various Microsoft products and is used by thousands of enterprise customers.

Amazon Content Fast

Employee Experience Platform

In addition to powerful multilingual capabilities, Mesh also provides a wide range of autonomous features including cognitive enterprise search, personalization based on user profiles, flexible integrations, knowledge mining with applied AI and many more!


Strong Partnership With Microsoft

Acuvate is a Microsoft Gold Partner and maintains a strong partnership with the company. During our decade-long association with Microsoft, we’ve helped several mutual customers accelerate digital transformation with AI. Check out our partner case study featured by Microsoft.

Data Security

Robust Security

Powered by Azure, Mesh’s translator solution provides enterprise-grade security and compliance. It is certified by SOC, FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITRUST, and ISO.

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We have more than 14 years of experience in deploying SharePoint Intranet solutions for over 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across industries. Our solution is recognized by leading industry analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

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