Intranet Myths That Prevent You From Digitally Transforming Your Enterprise Workplace

Intranet myths that prevent you from digitally transforming your enterprise workplace

Today, embracing a modern intranet is vital to any company’s growth, but many organizations are apprehensive about intranet benefits and embarking on the journey of digital transformation.

Assumptions about transformation regularly prevent leaders from fully adopting digital strategies in the fear that they might negatively impact the budget, deter employee engagement and business productivity because they do not feel confident enough in understanding new technology to make that leap. However, so many of these perceived obstacles are myths, and digital transformation can have multiple benefits for a business.

Here debunked a few of the most constraining myths encompassing digital transformation, helping to make a confident decision about what’s right for the business’s success.

Intranet myths :

1. Intranets are no longer relevant

Intranets are dead and no longer relevant is a common notion heard quite often. Maybe, to some extent, it can be true because organizations still using the traditional form add some basis to that statement. Intranets in their modern form are very much alive and robust, meeting the needs of modern-day employees. Businesses have transformed the traditional intranet, evolving them with modern features, making them an essential part of the digital workplace. Thereby, maintaining the relevance of intranets in a modern-day context.

2. Intranets are static

The top-down method made traditional intranet platforms to become static and inadequate. However, the modern intranet is dynamic, with regular content updates, business news, and advanced features boosting employee engagement, being at the heart of every digital workplace.

Today’s intranets designed with modernized and updated features with the advanced intranet interface provide added control over content management than ever before.

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3. Intranets are solely the IT department responsibility

This myth is not true because if this would be the situation, then would companies without an IT department work? Intranets are devised to be managed by any department, regardless of technical knowledge. The intranet provider will install the intranet for you, and after that, the organization can take complete ownership of the setup, personalization, and content using the inbuilt user interface.

4. Even if you have an intranet platform, you will need a separate social platform

With the right intranet, an organization can do all the collaboration communication and share their thoughts. It can handle social activities with real-time collaboration, threaded discussions, reviews, and ratings. Using a separate social application is more costly and may not be up to the results expected.

Having a single platform is valuable, particularly where people can find all the information they require, crowdsource an idea, collect feedback, and quickly find the best solution to importunate business solutions.

5. Implementing intranet platforms can take forever

Few organizations have not been able to get over the imaginative obstacle about the intranet is challenging to implement. Especially for those who are less confident with new technology. It is a false assumption that intranets are a daunting task that is never ending.

The fact is deploying an intranet is a simple, fast with low-stress, cost-effective process. A modern intranet is about all setup and ready to go with quickly start using it by employees in the workplace eliminating all hassle.

Intranet platforms like Mesh, are built using an agile architecture, which empowers the organizations to start small and keep evolving in phases as their business needs grow. This makes the large daunting task, easy to manage and rollout in phases and encourages adoption.

6. Intranet platforms do not help communication

Implementing an intranet is not all about sharing information, folders, and documents across an organization the truth is the intranet comes with a host of powerful features boosting internal communication.

Internal communication is the key to a digital workplace, organizations that are struggling to stay connected with a dispersed workforce. Well, the intranet’s internal communication module ensures everyone stays in the loop with timely and consistent company messages and updates.

It helps to set up collaborative workspaces which allow employees to share data, insights, and best practice across teams for working together successfully. Perhaps it also boosts employee engagement. It is said that engaged employees tend to be happier and more productive with higher retention. The intranet is an important mechanism for fostering the level of employee engagement in the organization. Using the intranet’s social platform with surveys, polls, comments, and likes strengthens two-way discussions within the organization.

These communication and collaboration features make businesses quickly own intranet as an indispensable business tool.

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7. Mobile isn’t supported

Today’s intranet is reachable from various device’s mobiles, tablets, and computers. Intranet platforms use a responsive design that is flexible, available from any device.

For employees using mobile devices, it is easier for them to work when they want, where they want. Enabling mobile-friendly viewing also makes it easier for your remote workers to use the intranet on-the-go. Both your remote employees and hybrid work-culture employees can share, collaborate, and communicate smoothly.

That boosts productivity because if everyone has the same experience, regardless of their location, they are more likely to feel part of your organization and feel engaged.

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Why digital transformation is important?

Transformative technologies like a modern intranet with remarkable features are entering the workplace at exponential speed, causing the change the organization needs, not just to survive but thrive. Collaboration between employees, smart ways of engaging with each other, innovation practice of workforce, and the knowledge to draw valuable insights from information, are just several of the advantages of supporting businesses growth.

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It’s time to go beyond the myths

Rather than believing in the intranet’s limitations and myths, it is probably time to rethink the digital transformation strategies. The above debunking of the intranet myths makes it clear to understand the functionalities of the intranet. An intranet is formulated to engage employees, develop internal communications, and improve business productivity with just a single tool.

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