Ai Powered Intranets Indispensable

5 Features that make Modern AI-powered Intranets Indispensable

Intranets have been in use for many decades to cater to the communication and knowledge-sharing needs of employees. However, these days many consider them outdated and insufficient to meet the requirements of current job roles. 

But they’re wrong. Modern AI Intranets offer many more features like easy communication channels, automated operations, etc, beyond traditional content management. They are the most cost-effective platforms that bring several applications, teams, and domains together and are accessible from a single-entry point. So, what makes them more than just an intranet?

If you think employees do not need Intranets anymore, you’re definitely wrong

Yes, we agree ‘traditional’ Intranets for employees are no longer useful, but ‘modern’ intranets are essential for any organization.

The first advantage of today’s Intranets is ‘Better Organization’. A well-planned Intranet has clever pointers and tags that make it easy to navigate through. It has designated placeholders to store specific kinds of content. Through Intranets, employees can search for relevant information much more easily.

But a better organized Intranet is still not modern enough. You need an smart Employee Experience Platform for today’s Digital workplaces

So, what makes the modern Intranets so important and useful? What transforms them from being a junk drawer to an accessible one-stop-shop, in other words, a smart employee expereince platform?

Here are 5 features that make modern Intranets so indispensable.

1. Streamlined processes and automated workflows

Modern Intranets automate several tasks that were previously done manually and on paper. Whether you’re applying for a new license or submitting a document for review, the process is totally automated. No more copying information into word docs and excel sheets. This eliminates human errors and makes sure that the most recent version is presented, and the information is correct. An intranet is thus an essential tool in Digital Transformation.

2. Easy to Discover with Cognitive Search

Employees search for similar info more often. Modern intranets save the search criteria to auto-fill the searches and to show quickly the relevant search results. Moreover, the Intranet is a single repository integrated with several content and information management systems. So, they can search through many tools and content repositories easily and faster. Information can be verified and retrieved from any of the connected applications for the users to access.

3. Personalization using employee personas

Finding the right people can be difficult, especially when the workforce is large and distributed. AI Intranets analyze employee behavior patterns, roles, and search habits, to generate an apt user profile. These employee personas guide personalization of Intranets for each of the employees.

4. Good User Experience

A good Intranet should cater to the human needs of employees like collaborating, retrieving, understanding, communicating, etc. It is not just for their logistics or repository needs.

5. A channel for communication

The previous siloed mode of working is no more suited for the current distributed, agile, digital workplaces. An intranet should connect various domains and establish seamless communication channels between different departments, teams, and locations. It enables all employees to hear from the management and in turn, becomes the voice of the employees too.

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of the modern Intranet

All the above features make the modern intranet superior to the older boring content repositories. But what sets it apart is that while eliminating human errors in various workflows the intranet understands every user’s preference and needs. It acts as a good supporter and provider. It is possible only because the intranet has been built from the user’s point of view. What lies at the core of such user-friendly software products is Artificial Intelligence which makes it not just an Intranet, but a complete Employee Experience Platform.

Mesh3.0 as The AI-powered Employees Experience Platform Apt for Modern Digital Workplaces

Mesh 3.0 is a complete employees experience platform that leverages AI to deliver the right content at the right time to the right people. The intranet uses smart technologies like Office Graph, Azure Cognitive Search, Machine Learning, Power Automate, and Cognitive Services, to provide employees single-point access to personalized information.

1. Easy Access to Organizational Memory

Mesh uses technologies like Azure Cognitive Search to analyze all kinds of content-text, video, and audio and builds content insights. It auto-tags documents, and indexes content to make them searchable.

2. Better Personalization with Accurate Employee Personas

Mesh uses Graph API, and Machine Learning to generate strong user profiles based on the user’s behavioral patterns, search habits, roles, etc. It uses the created personas to provide personalized services and make each employee accessible through the intranet.

3. Independent and Self-reliant

Multiple latest AI-driven technologies like Azure Cognitive Services, Chatbot, RPA, Voice detection, and Image detection make the Mesh Intranet autonomous and self-reliant. It is hence accessible from multiple devices, by distributed and remote teams, and aids in making an organization and its processes more transparent.

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