Employee Onboarding Experience With Digital Workplace Solutions

How To Enhance Employee Onboarding Experience With Digital Workplace Solutions?

It is very crucial for any company to provide a trouble-free seamless experience for prospective employees right from the recruitment process to the time they join a company. This process, referred to as the employee onboarding experience has drastically changed due to the pandemic. 

During the pandemic, especially in 2021, many employees changed their jobs, and some of them even careers. Since most employees were still working remotely and offices remained closed, they had to be onboarded and offboarded remotely. Just like the digital tools that enabled remote working, companies then quickly adopted digital employee onboarding and offboarding solutions. These essential solutions were integrated with other digital workplace systems to extend their usage after an employee joins a company.

Though we’ve crossed the tough times successfully with the help of various digital tools, many companies and employees are still working remotely or following hybrid models. Even when working at offices, employees these days prefer using digital tools whenever possible. Just like many other digitalization initiatives undertaken during the pandemic, digital onboarding and offboarding solutions too are still being used for the convenience they offer. Most importantly, these solutions are in huge demand and are fast evolving to answer changing needs of companies and employees.

Superior employee experience right from the recruitment process

Digital onboarding and offboarding solutions deliver an equitable experience without compromising on security.

The main reason behind high attrition is the lack of transparency in recruitment and appraisal processes. Digitalizing such processes is an effective way to make them transparent. They help employees feel valued and heard. The same solutions can be extended to recruitment processes.

Research shows that companies with a transparent onboarding process are more likely to enjoy loyalty and check attrition. Today’s employees expect a seamless onboarding and training experience and judge a company’s commitment and worth based on their experiences. Digital onboarding solutions provide an easy way to fill out paperwork and understand a company’s policies, work tools, and roles and responsibilities.

Digital onboarding solutions are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Companies are battling the increased cost of interviews and recruitment processes. The main reason is that interviewees do not commit to a job, but rather keep looking for further opportunities. 

Such trends hurt companies and the job market too. Despite clearing the recruitment interviews and tests, prospective employees sometimes ghost the company’s HR representatives. In such situations, using a digital solution encourages prospective employees to accept the offer. 

The solution is accessible and provides them with a clear communication channel. They can get their doubts and ambiguities cleared and are less likely to lose an opportunity for false fears and assumed problems.

Digital onboarding framework for a truly digital workplace

Here are some features of a digital onboarding solution that makes them more suitable and essential for today’s digitalized businesses and workplaces.

  • Digital signatures and electronic documents lessen paperwork and make it easier to handle. The documents are organized, safe, and always available.
  • Training material during the induction process is rarely enough and helpful. When the reference and training material and other knowledge resources are digitalized, new hires can access them and learn them more effectively and at their own pace.
  • Chatbots can provide accurate answers to common questions. They are conversational and can be personalized to an employee and their role. It is no surprise that chatbots are more reliable and can replace mentors as their answers are more consistent, clear, and concise.
  • When working remotely or in distributed teams, these digital solutions help new recruits get to know their teammates and colleagues. They also enable collaborative working and learning.
  • Digital Knowledge management tools are an essential part of employee onboarding portals. They offer videos, podcasts, blog links, and other learning resources to help new recruits gather the knowledge required to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Digital Workplace Solutions for Holistic Employee Engagement

Employee onboarding tools are beyond any of the features described above. Digital workplace solutions streamline several operations in organizations. They seldom tackle isolated issues. They are usually linked with other tools and are aimed at providing a holistic experience to users.

Companies need to first build their recruitment and onboarding strategy and plans. They must provide information, collect, and store user data. Digital Workplace Solutions are used to digitalize and store documents. Additionally, digital onboarding tools aid in several administrative tasks and help in following up with interested candidates and new recruits.

In a Nutshell

Most companies (both software and non-software ones) are keen on using digital tools to provide a superior onboarding experience for new recruits. These tools are used right from the recruitment phase till the training stage and beyond. 

The tools are integrated. They include employee experience portals, knowledge management portals, digitalized administration systems, and training or e-learning portals and provide a streamlined, transparent, and reliable employee experience. A good employee onboarding portal uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence and an integrated conversational chatbot.

With a vast experience in developing tools powered by novel technologies like AI that provide a superior user experience to employees and customers, Acuvate is the right choice to build digital experience portals. Also, we do provide some standardized digital solutions like our Mesh Intranet that can be customized easily to your business needs.

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