Top Intranet Use Cases In Different Industries

Top intranet use cases in different industries

Intranets have been around for many years now, in the way that we know them now. Some businesses continue to overlook their intranet, either because they interact in other ways or just believe it isn’t necessary. So, what is the point of having an intranet?

Intranets play a vital role, it comes with a bunch of advantages for the organization, especially for the employees. It is sleek, easy to navigate, and engaging to consider for content and collaboration.

How do intranets help the organization?

Intranets make it very simple for the employees to collaborate with their team members and others, irrespective of location. Whether you are in the same team or not, you can converse freely, exchange ideas, share files, and interact with others. Intranets are a perfect medium for communication and collaboration across the organization.

It is a one-stop store for all the company documents. Users can share the knowledge onto the digital platform, which will allow the colleagues to learn from others. These files are up-to-date and are accessible to everyone. The tools like smart search enable the workforce to find relevant documents. Also, the employee turnover does not affect access to knowledge as it is available in the intranets.

Intranets provide a platform to communicate with colleagues, social forums to collaborate, directories, and a knowledge management system that will increase engagement with colleagues scattered across the globe. As per the study by Forbes, an increase in employee engagement will improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

Intranet use cases in various industries

Intranet Use Cases

Financial intranet use cases

Digital technology is transforming and, it is happening in the banking industry as well. Banking environments have outdated technology and are stuck with ancient inflexible intranets. Businesses have to tackle the challenges to stay up with the latest technology and nurture modern work culture. Modern intranet software is a great way to alleviate business challenges and, it helps increase workforce efficiency, maintain organized data and information security. 

  • Centralized structured data Financial institutions deal with a lot of data that is constantly changing. It’s crucial how you manage this data and information. The information and data are centralized in a digital workplace, allowing the users to swiftly and effectively access information and keep staff notified about the news and system changes.
  • Communication Hub Digital workplaces facilitate communication portals where employees can connect with their colleagues from any corner of the world. Also, intranets will keep the employees updated about the recent news, updates, and announcements, etc.
  • Go paper free Adopting intranets in your workspace can make you go paper free, as all the business-related materials like files, documents, etc., can be shared over SharePoint intranet with your colleagues and peers. Employees will be notified about the recent company changes, anniversaries, and much more on the portal itself, enabling better collaboration, easier access and enhanced security.
  • Efficient Content Management There are lot of files and documents get circulated in the banking industry and hence managing them is a roadblock that every banks go through. Infusing intranets with advanced capabilities will enable secure sharing, easy access and stay connected within the organization.
  • Secure workplace Organizations need not worry about intranet security. With the latest technology, employees can freely share files, documents, images, videos, and much more. Your confidential information is all secured with the latest technologies infused in the intranets.

Healthcare intranet use case

Healthcare institutions have to tackle a unique set of challenges that arise every day. Unify the diverse workforce, knowledge, and the entire healthcare system with a single digital experience platform. It connects and engages everyone from the office-based to the frontline professionals.

  • Do not miss out on critical updates– There is always a lot of information available to be consumed and very little time to consume it. During emergencies, the information especially, the critical updates need to reach the targeted audience on time. Mobile intranet is an important feature that will keep the healthcare workers stay updated on the information and act accordingly.
  • Connect and collaborate– Bring life into the healthcare system by facilitating them to connect and collaborate on the intranet platform. Social and collaboration tools are integrated into the digital workplace platform to balance the healthcare officials’ work and social life.
  • OCR Technology– Optical Character Recognition Technology turns any device into portable scanner that converts healthcare related documents like bills, patient records, etc into editable and searchable data. Getting access to the data is a significant step, but being able to edit it is even more important. You can easily search the required information and edit whenever necessary.
  • Knowledge management system– Create a knowledge library that the employees can rely on. Quick access to the knowledge base is very important in the healthcare industry. The knowledge management system with intelligent search technology will ease the search experience and quickly access the relevant documents.

Education intranet use case

Every school and higher education institution’s prime focus is on knowledge sharing. Your education ecosystem is brought together on one digital workplace platform where teaching staff, researchers, administrators, and students can exchange ideas and learn from one another- no matter where one is located.

  • Personalized Content: Modern intranet enables the staff and students to go through the relevant content stitched as per the staff and student’s activities, subjects enrolled, etc. This lets the users feel more connected to the institution, fosters positive culture and develop a sense of belongingness.
  • Effective communication– Communication among the faculty and students is very much essential. Connect, engage and collaborate with the right set of the communication channel with the internal team. The features like surveys and discussions are enabled in the portal for effective collaboration. Push notifications, email broadcasts, news stories and updates will keep the employee informed about the recent changes.
  • Centralized workplace– Handling different departments’ data can be tedious sometimes. Consolidating the various departmental data into one, where all the documents, data, and applications can be accessed easily.
  • Build an online community– Create a place to reconnect with friends and teachers to cherish the school journey. An intranet platform is a great place to connect, build and strengthen the brand and culture that aligns with the educational values and mission.

Enterprise intranet use case

The enterprise intranets have transformed the way businesses communicate and collaborate. The features of the digital workplace platform will lead to improved productivity, increased collaboration, and employee engagement.

  • Content distribution– An enterprise intranet may offer your company the ideal location to store essential documents that are needed to be accessed by your workers from any location. It is easier to access information as they are centralized resulting in improved employee experience.

  • Suggestions and feedbacks Most of the employees are less likely to provide candid feedback and concerns in person, which might result in low employee morale, which is why problems go unreported to the management. Employees can anonymously and confidentially report the issues over the enterprise intranet without fear of repercussions. Management may also use customized surveys and polls to gauge public opinion on a specific subject related to the company resulting in enhanced work life.

  • Employee collaboration– A lot of collaboration tools are added to the enterprise intranet, which breaks the communication barrier in employees. Workforces sharing common interests can connect on the intranet where they can share, comment, and collaborate with others. Not only does this give a single framework for collaboration, but it also frequently leads to employees exposing their hidden skills that usually go unnoticed.

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