The Rise Of The Employee Experience Platform In The Digital Workplace

The Rise of the Employee Experience Platform in The Digital Workplace

With the onset of remote and hybrid work culture, the focus has shifted to employee engagement and experience. There is a void created within the employees when they are not working from the office. Employees need to put extra effort to outshine the crowd. As per Harvard Business Review, 1100 employees found that remote workers feel shunned and left out. Also, employees are leaving their jobs voluntarily in record numbers and, the studies show that the turnover is over 15%. Meanwhile, people working for more hours are experiencing stress and feel less productive than ever. 

Pandemic has pushed the employees to work in a completely new environment which is a challenge to deal with. Moreover, one-way communication is prevalent in remote work culture, which is just not enough. Businesses need to find ways to connect, engage and inspire employees to succeed in this new digital era of work. There needs to be a platform whose prime focus is to provide a good employee experience, set to solve a bunch of potential challenges.

Most of the workforce desire a consumer-grade experience at work that creates a sense of belongingness toward the organization. In today’s fragmented organizations, we need to ensure that employees feel connected with their colleagues and the work, understand their work goal and easily find the information they are searching for, which has given rise to the employee experience platform.

What is the employee experience platform?

It is a unified platform that enables employees to work from any place across the globe, irrespective of the device they are using. This eases the work of an employee as a platform that has all the essential applications integrated to handle the project, communicate with colleagues and share information. One platform to get the work done tends to improve employee productivity and efficiency. It will prevent context switching and lessen the time required to search relevant information, enabling employees to give most of their time to the areas that need human intervention. It facilitates collaboration and communication with other team members and streamlines your business process.

According to the Harvard Business Review, when a team of remote workers encountered workplace challenges, around 84% of the employees said the concern is dragged for a couple of days or more and, 47% admitted to letting it drag on for weeks or more. The digital workplace is evolving and, thanks to the employee experience platform that promises to cater to most of the employee needs and challenges.

Understanding employee experience

Organizations need to be aware of their employee’s perceptions and observations about their employment. Many factors determine their experience including physical workplace, work-life balance offered by the company, and the tools used to manage the workflow. Happy employees are the most useful resources that can drive more engagement and lead to better results. 

As per the joint report from IBM and Globoforce, employee experience is positively associated with work performance.

Employee Experience linked to work experience

Employee Experience Linked To Work Experience

Employee Experience versus turnover intention

Employee Experience Versus Turnover Intention

Employees are the greatest assets that a company has and, investing in the employee experience platform will drive better work performance and has less intention of quitting their jobs.

How does an employee experience platform can bring overall employee experience?

  • Improves communication and collaborationCollaboration is an important part that a business should never miss. Brainstorming with colleagues in office canteens and breaks leads to innovative ideas. As per the report, ideas developed by a team with more than three or more people will have 156% greater appeal with consumers than the idea generated by one or two people. With the remote work culture, it is challenging for a business to bring up innovative minds together. One way to make collaboration and communication an essential aspect of your company culture is by adopting a digital workplace platform that digitizes the entire process and facilitates collaborative opportunities for the employees that boost internal communication as well.
  • Personalized information: The employee experience platform will showcase the information that is relevant to the employees. It brings the content, news, announcements based on their project, activities, location, and much more. Personalization will engage the employees and develop a sense of connectivity with the organization.
  • Empower Remote workforce: Due to the pandemic, we are engaged in the largest experiment ever in the history of work. In response to the mandate, the digital workplace platform will bridge the gap that every remote workforce is going through. It lets employees save time as they do not have to spend hours in traffic every day and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Working at your scheduled time and in your favorite corner will make employees happy and satisfied. Employee experience platform brings the remote workforce under one roof, which helps the team to focus more on shared goals and efficiently accomplish their assigned tasks. It helps employees to embrace the remote work culture without hampering their productivity.
  • Seamless integration: Employees need to use different applications to perform their everyday work activities. It is a hassle for the workforce to switch between multiple applications and, signing into the applications every time is time-consuming. Apps are integrated into the digital experience platform so that employees do not have to take the pain of context switching. They can find tools right in one single place which saves time, increases productivity, and improve the overall employee experience.
  • Multichannel connectivity: Employees across the globe, working in different locations might not have access to their desktops all the time. Intranets empower the employees to connect to the company updates, news, and colleagues instantly across all the devices. Push notifications are an added advantage, it ensures that the employee never misses out on a piece of sensitive information. Distributing important company updates via multi-channel communications will boost employee experience and engagement.

Employee experience is everything!

With the process of digital transformation, organizations will keep bettering the employee experience. Employees want to do their best and succeed in their roles, and the employee experience platform will scale up their journey to another level. This platform will open up communication, remove fear and inhibitions, and allow everyone to voice out their opinions and share ideas. Don’t let the pandemic sink in your company culture, unleash your digital workplace, and take employee experience to the next level.

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