Why A Mobile Intranet App Is Key For Employee Communications

Why A Mobile Intranet App Is Key for Employee Communications

In the new digital era, mobile-first communication has become a huge enterprise success. Since the onset of the pandemic, the workforce is distributed across the globe, working in different time zones. To reach the workers is essential than ever and the organization’s focus to provide them everything they need at their fingertips is necessary. It has become tough to get employees to stay on top of important company updates, policies, news, and events. Logging into the mobile application is way easier than logging into the web portal for employee communication. Moreover, the mobile intranet app lets employees access work-related documents from any corner of the world.

Why do we need a Mobile Intranet app?

Smartphone usage is increasing drastically and apps of all kinds are taking a hit with figures showing that people spend 90% of their smartphone usage in apps. People are using mobile apps for a variety of purposes and their usage is continuously rising. Also, a survey conducted by Manifest shows that 49% of people open an app 11+ times a day. These apps are not only confined to entertainment and personal use. According to a UK study, 60% of employees use apps for work-related activities. Most businesses understand the significance of mobile applications to boost employee communications and productivity.

An organization having an intranet is essential for employees in many ways. Similarly, having a mobile intranet app is like a cherry on the cake that fits the requirement of today’s business environment. The remote workforce is scattered across and accessing intranet from their mobile devices reduces the hassle of logging into desktops every time. Moreover, some employees are on the front lines of their industry. They make up 70% of the world’s workforce that includes medical staff, health care clinicians, retail staff, machinists, and many other employees. Frontline workforce work in a remote area, where it is impossible for them to quickly access the company’s updates. As per MIT, 75% of the workforce feel out of the loop about their company’s policy changes, which is a huge disconnect. These employees will not have immediate access to the work-related documents and information during emergencies, thereby reducing productivity and limiting employee autonomy. The mobile intranet app can be a quick help to the remote workforce that enhances employee communication, improve their productivity and empower the entire organization.

Benefits of a Mobile Intranet app:

  • Better communication: Keeping the current scenario in mind, the workplace is no longer just one office or a place, it is distributed across the globe. Globally, more than half of the employees are working outside their work premises. Remote workers feel shunned and left out as they are worried about decisions and changes being done in their absence. They struggle with loneliness, lack of collaboration, and most of them do not get a chance to have face-to-face conversations with their team. Mobile intranet app can be a help to the distributed workforce enabling instant communication with their colleagues. It can revolutionize engagement, providing a medium for good employee communication.

  • Cost savings: Poor communication can lead to huge costs; it can disrupt the business on a fundamental level. When ignored, it can result in losses regardless of the size of the business. As per the survey conducted, companies with around 100 employees found that poor communication costs an average of $420,000. Another company with 1,00,000 employees found a loss of $62.4 million per year. Good communication is a foundation for any business. Mobile intranet apps will connect the workforce throughout and keep them posted. One can enable push notifications to stay updated and not miss any important announcements. Employees can respond to the messages from their colleagues, ask queries using their mobile devices. This will lead to cost savings in an organization, improve employee communication and productivity.

  • Positive workplace cultureThe mobile intranet app empowers the employees to access the company’s intranet anywhere and anytime. It helps to build a dialogue-driven environment that aims to bring rich conversations among the employees. This app can flatten organizational hierarchies and offer opportunities for workers to share the positive (and negative) aspects of their culture. Employees can participate in meaningful and motivational conversations at that instant with their mobile devices. It establishes positive work culture that brings loyalty to the workplace, thereby increases retention, engagement, and employee communication.

  • Increases productivity: Intranet brings ease to their employees with the centralized hub feature. The workforce in general invests a lot of their time in searching right kind of information. As per IDC, knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours a day, approx. 30% of the workday, searching for information. The mobile intranet app will help employees easily reach the intranet right at that moment. It acts as a one-stop store, providing quick access to the relevant data they are looking for. This will save a lot of time and enables the employees to focus on more productive work.

  • Employee RetentionLosing an employee can cost a lot to an organization. They have to bear huge costs when they lose a highly experienced employee. More companies are providing training and development courses to train new employees. An organization needs to create a loyal workforce where the employees want to stay for a longer time. A mobile intranet app serves as a hub for communication. Employees are well informed, stay connected, and take part in discussions regardless of the location and time. Also, the employees who are highly satisfied with their company intranet will have a high level of job satisfaction. It will lead to an increase in employee communication, productivity rise, and training costs fall.

  • Be prepared for any emergency: During any alarming situation, the network goes down. The mobile intranet app rescues the workforce by cutting down the waiting period due to network issues and enables the employees to access the intranet. During emergencies, mobile intranets will be the savior to the employees that can keep the teams connected.

Get started with mobile intranets

Since we all are aware that mobile marketing is booming when compared to desktops.

Employers are focusing on integrating their company’s intranet with mobile allowing the workforce to connect, collaborate and communicate effectively. The mobile intranet app takes the issues of both the office and frontline workers. It keeps everyone connected from the c-suite to the seasonal employees. A mobile intranet app is a powerful tool that streamlines every effort put by the organization. The advantages are endless when the entire workplace is in the employee’s palms.

So, this is it. If you are looking for better employee communication throughout and developing positive work culture, a mobile intranet app is a solution that you can opt for.

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