The Future Of Employee Experience Trends For 2021

The Future of Employee Experience: Trends For 2021

In recent years, the notion of employee experience has gained traction. The employee experience encompasses all of an employee’s time spent at the organization. The company’s experience must be at least as good as the experience it provides to its consumers. As businesses see the benefit of investing in their people first, the employee experience is increasingly taking center stage.

Right from the job interviews, onboarding, integration, daily management, career development, and management, all the way up to the employee’s departure, should all be taken into mind. Both the employee and the employer benefit from a positive employee experience. Companies that focus on customer satisfaction have to consider the significance of employee satisfaction. Businesses must reconsider their activities. They need to implement changes where employees desire to work rather than have to work. 

As covid ripples across the planet, the future workplace has revealed that the eye on employee experience is increasing among HR and business leaders. The employee experience is the manifestation of a company’s principles, culture, and employer brand. What happens on the inside has an outward reflection!

Let's take a look at the Employee Experience Trends for 2021.

1. Remote work

Remote employment has been widely suggested all around the world since our lives were dramatically affected owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. One thing is certain: remote work is here to stay. In reality, HR experts are designing programs to assist remote employees who are looking for a sense of belongingness, particularly those who live alone and rely on connectedness at work. 

Intranet is an excellent platform to keep the dispersed employees connected throughout irrespective of the location they are logging into the workplace. Frontline workers who are generally unaware of the company updates can go through the notifications in just one click. Employees are always posted about the policy changes and feel connected with the organization.  Whether it’s for one day or seven days a week, your company must be prepared to ensure a great digital employee experience. 

2. Employee feedback

With all that is going on around the globe, it is essential to keep an eye on your staff. They are, after all, humans with feelings and emotions, and the pressures that the world is experiencing might have an impact on them. Asking them whether they’re doing well is the greatest way to find out! Also, we can include them in important business decisions by asking their opinions. This way employees feel valued and develop a sense of connectivity with the organization leading to high productivity.

Conducting regular surveys and feedbacks through a common platform like Intranet will help the company to analyze the results to see what the leaders can do in creating a positive employee experience. 

3. Workplace safety

While workplace safety has become a priority post-pandemic, it will increasingly become one of the most critical behavioral goals for business and HR professionals across all industries and fields.

The hybrid workplace involves a set of employees working in an office location. Organizations should take precautionary steps to stop the spread of the virus in the workplace and ensure health safety. In many industries, new rules and standards will be required to ensure employee health and safety in a post-COVID environment. Intranets can be useful in educating and providing health updates to the employees which enhances the digital employee experience. 

4. Virtual breaks

Working online doesn’t mean the employees do not have opportunities to have fun with their peers. Playing games and quizzes to enhance employee experience is a great way to go virtual. Teams can have weekly lunchtime quizzes, virtual water coolers, and even take online classes through internet platform Getting your team together to have some fun online is a great way to offer them a mental and physical vacation from work while also focusing on them as individuals. 

Intranets have discussion forums where it gives a chance to the employees to interact with their team members, inter-departmental colleagues, and experts. Virtual water coolers are the informal conversation that happens over virtual tea breaks with the team members where they get to know their colleagues personally, share a personal bond and sometimes conversation lead to innovation. The extra efforts led by the leaders can improve the digital employee experience and connects the employees within the organization.

5. Improve communications

Nothing is more aggravating than being left out of a workplace communication loop. This issue is magnified while working remotely. Because there isn’t an opportunity to approach a colleague with a concern. As a result, remote employees tend to feel shunned and disconnected. 

An employee experience platform ensures that every employee is connected- it provides an opportunity for the workforce to communicate with others on a common platform with shared interests The integration of social forums into the digital workplace ensures communication and collaboration. Employees will find personalized content based on their preferences, activities, location, etc. Businesses must go above and beyond to guarantee that everyone is kept informed as much as possible. 

Looking Ahead

Employee experience is becoming increasingly important, particularly as more individuals work from home. The pandemic has led organizations to put extra effort to improve the employee experience. Making it happen is not an overnight process. Taking the time to rethink your employee experience strategy can help you remain ahead of the competition. Many businesses that have a well-received strategy have a competitive edge over their competitors, particularly in terms of recruitment and retention.

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