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Mesh listed among top intranet solution providers in the world by Clearbox’s Report 2019

Why look for siloed remote working tools when you can leverage a modern SharePoint intranet?

The era of remote working has just begun. Your organization needs various tools to ensure productivity, improve communication and drive collaboration. Managing and supporting your remote workforce would be much easier and efficient if all these tools can be accessed within a single platform.

Mesh 3.0 is the World’s Best Employee Experience Platform which equips you with everything you need to set up a productive and safe remote working environment. Right from collaboration, communication, knowledge management to mobility and cognitive search, it brings all the remote working tools and capabilities under one roof.


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All the Remote Working Tools You Need In One Place


Mesh enables effective internal communications covering top-down, bottom-up and lateral communications with features like news, events, announcements, management speak, polls etc.


Mesh comes with a range of collaboration and social features including blogs, wikis, forums, chat and direct messaging, polls, comments, calendars, bookmarks, tasks and more!

Content Management
Content Management

Content authors will have full control to publish, manage and govern content. Mesh offers drag and drop features to deliver the smoothest and most easiest authoring and editing experience.

Productivity V1

Reduce the time to find information with cognitive enterprise search. Have a centralized search capability which can find information across applications and delivers personalized search results.

Knowledge Mining

Automate manual knowledge management tasks like metadata management, content classification and tagging and taxonomy recommendations.


Track KPIs like employee engagement, user adoption, content performance, etc. with operational dashboards and optimize your employee experience strategies.

Personalized recommendations

Let information find you! Our remote work software analyzes users’ preferences, profiles, activities, geo, behaviour etc. and recommends the right content and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to connect with.

Access To Information
Simplify access to information

Mobile apps and chatbots make it easier for employees to access intranet information anywhere and anytime.

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Why should you consider Mesh 3.0 as your remote working software?

Autonomous Intranet

Integrated Platform Driven By Microsoft

Mesh brings the best of Microsoft productivity, communication and collaboration tools like Yammer, Office 365, One Drive, Delve, Teams etc. together to deliver a comprehensive remote working experience.

Future Ready Platform


Our platform seamlessly integrates with all your third-party apps like SAP, SalesForce, WorkDay, Service Now, Kronos, PeopleSoft and many more. to provide a single-window view of your digital workplace.

Domain Expertise


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have 14+ years of experience in deploying digital workplace platforms and Microsoft technologies for Fortune 500 companies.

Ai V1

with AI

Mesh uses Microsoft AI technologies like MS Graph, LUIS, and Azure to deliver personalized digital experiences.

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