Intranet Software For Legal Firms

Intranet Software for Legal firms

Simplify the way lawyers access information, communicate and collaborate internally.

Deliver stellar legal services while creating positive experiences for your employees


Time is money for lawyers. They need quick access to information while dealing with piles of legal information including client-related documents, legal forms, case laws, contracts, judgements, law changes and much more – on a daily basis.

Often, large and significantly pressing cases require attorneys, paralegals, associates and other specialized lawyers to collaborate and put in a collective effort.

A Legal Intranet improves collaboration and communication across firms by unifying organization-wide information, applications, and tools on a comprehensive, centralized digital interface.

Mesh 3.0, an Employee Experience Platform, can improve productivity within your law firm by allowing you to properly organize all your information, search for relevant cases, manage, timesheets, access documents swiftly, and enhance internal communications.


How Mesh helped a leading law firm improve internal communication and increase efficiency of lawyers

The Benefits of deploying an Intranet for your law firm

Legal Intranets Enables You To Go Paperless With E Forms And Workflows

Enables you to go
paperless with e-forms and workflows

Shift all your legal paperwork to the online mode using in-built templates, e-forms, and workflows, thus ensuring more systematic and reportable handling of day-to-day formalities and standard procedures.

Legal Intranets Improve Knowledge Management And Organization

Improve knowledge management and organization

Law firms generate a humongous amount of diverse information in different formats – PDFs, Word documents, PPTs, videos etc. A knowledge management system organizes this information properly with the right tags, classifiers, metadata and improves information discovery.

Legal Intranets Enhances Employee Interaction And Engagement

Enhances employee interaction
and engagement

Social capabilities like employee directories, blogs, discussion forums, and communication tools allow team members to find and interact with colleagues, share internal news and events, access content they like, collaborate on cases, and gather valuable feedback.

Legal Intranets Smart Search Engine

Search Engine

Finding the right case document among thousands of other documents is a common challenge for lawyers. With a cognitive search engine, users can use natural language queries to find the most relevant documents personalized to their roles and departments.

Legal Intranets Centralized Repository For Information

Centralized Repository For Information

Lawyers generally interact with clients all day. As such, they need a single interface to access all information. An intranet’s document management system stores all legal resources, including client data, case files, documents, and forms on a secure, centralized database that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Legal Intranets Secures Sensitive Client Information And Documents

Secures sensitive client information and documents

Legal firms deal with highly classified client data that needs to be protected with the advanced encryption technology. An Intranet does just that, thus ensuring that confidential client information doesn’t fall into the hands of hackers and other unauthorized users.

Legal Intranets Find Expert Help Fast

Find Expert Help Fast

Dealing with unfamiliar cases requires lawyers to find and connect with the right experts within the firm. Intranets provide personalized recommendations on the right people to connect with based on a users’ roles, locations, interests, and activities.

Legal Intranets Personalize Content For Users

Personalize content for users

Lawyers need to stay updated on the latest legislations, laws, guidelines and the firm’s own internal news. An AI-powered intranet can personalize the content feed for lawyers based on their profiles and what’s relevant for them.

Legal Intranets Intuitive Self Service Tools

Intuitive self-service tools

An intranet acts as a centralized digital platform where employees can complete their routine everyday tasks with self-service tools related to timesheet management and client management.

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Why consider Mesh as the Intranet software for your law firm?

Legal Intranets An Ai Enabled Autonomous Intranet Solution

An AI-enabled Employee Experience Platform

The core features of Mesh 3.0 include knowledge mining, cognitive enterprise search, AI-driven personalizations, flexible app integrations, communication and collaboration tools, and intranet chatbots, making it the best Employee Experience Platform.

Legal Intranets Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We have years of experience implementing SharePoint Intranet solutions for 100+ large and medium-sized enterprises across various industries. Our expertise in digital workplace technologies is recognized by leading analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

Legal Intranets Build With The Best Of Microsoft Technologies

Build with the best of Microsoft Technologies

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI services, including LUIS, Office Graph, Azure Search Services, and MS natural language Stack.

Legal Intranets Intranet As A Service


Our Intranet can be deployed both on-premise and as-a-service (SaaS or on-cloud). It’s quick to implement, secure, scalable, and easy-to-update.

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