Why employee experience (EX) is the new customer experience (CX)

The pandemic has forced many organizations to deal with unprecedented challenges in adopting a hybrid workplace model. However, it had unlocked incredible possibilities making it a digitally better tomorrow.

Experiences matter. In a year of crisis, it meant the most!

Businesses are focused on providing exceptional customer experiences (CX), from the first interaction to the everlasting engagement. Everyone from marketing to product development and support is pouring effort to get it right.

Interaction with the brand, the value it brings, etc., drives the customer experience index. All these aspects are having the underlying involvement of your employees in delivering excellence.

Howard Schultz, the man behind Starbucks, explained in his book “Pour your heart in Coffee” what employee experience means to business. He first introduced Starbucks coffee to his employees, followed by delivering personalized customer experiences resulting in more sales.

For years, customer experience has gotten a lot of attention, but what about the experience of people who keep your company running – your employees? Your customer journey actually begins from the inside out with your employees. Businesses are beginning to recognize that the first step in providing a world-class customer experience (CX) is to perfect the employee experience (EX). After all, cheering employees are more likely to bring in delighted customers.

Hear it from Rakesh Reddy, CEO, and Poonam Chug, AVP SaaS strategy and business, as they share their experience around managing the aspects of CX and EX during turbulent times.

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