Ensuring Success beyond Adoption

Ensuring Success Beyond Adoption

Companies are focusing on implementing technologies to help transform their business. But is that sufficient to get desired business outcomes?

Most of us are busy deploying solutions but tend to skip the right techniques and procedures with the implemented product. This results in a lack of knowledge on the product, improper utilization of the product/solution, and productivity loss. Implementing a product or solution is one thing, and ensuring its right adoption is essential. This is where the role of the customer success manager steps in

Customer Success Managers are your advisors responsible for taking and acting on customer feedback. Making you, especially your employees, know about the product in and out, ensuring successful onboarding and adoption altogether.

In this webcast, Vishnu Shankar, Customer Success Manager, talks about the role and importance of the customer success manager for intranet adoption.

What you’ll learn:

  • The role of the customer success team
  • Understand the stages of onboarding and adoption
  • The impact of customer success manager
  • How customer success evolves the working of an organization.