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Case Study

Deep dive
into Enterprise Search

An offshore drilling company digs deep into enterprise search to bring in relevant results.

A leading offshore deep-water drilling company that operates 69 rigs comprises drillships, jack-up, semi-submersibles and tender rigs for operations. It employs over 7000 employees who need access to company information distributed across the IT systems. 

Initially, this company had a poor information management system that widened communication and collaboration gaps across the globe leading to a frustrating employee experience. The solution was old and unstructured, and it needed a robust digital platform with a holistic approach to deliver excellence and customer delight.

Mesh- a next-gen employee experience platform, has helped the drilling company foster communication and collaboration among employees and empowered the workforce with a cognitive search for easy document access and much more. 

To get into the details of the solution and how it has helped the company. Download the Case study

In this case study:

  • Understand the power of cognitive search to empower your employees. 
  • Learn how you can deliver a comprehensive digital platform for your workforce. 
  • Adopt a structured and updated content management system with a digital-driven approach.

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