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Case Study

Digital Transformation to Empower a Financial Revolution

Transforming from an age-old intranet to Mesh to bring employees under one roof

Bajaj Finserv Limited. is an Indian non-banking financial company that focuses on lending, asset management, wealth management and insurance. With more than 20k employees across various locations throughout India, the company needs to unite the workforce into one with a regularly updated platform and a structured model across the organization.

Bajaj needed a solution that would ensure streamlined collaboration and communication among their employees. Before the solution, the digital platform had a poor document management system that led to a decreased employee experience. They did not have advanced capabilities like personalized content, real-time updates, easy search technology and much more, which would have added much more value to the company and especially to their staff.

The solution was simple, with minimal features encapsulated in it. To provide exceptional employee experience, Bajaj needed to leverage a solution with advanced digital capabilities.  

The collaboration of Bajaj with Mesh has empowered digital transformation and delivered an intelligent experience for its workforce.  

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In this case study:

  • Understand the power of AI-driven platform in offering real time updates, powerful insights, robust security and much more. 
  • Learn how you can leverage AI, ML and cognitive services to streamline your workflows and elevate productivity. 
  • Discover how Mesh transforms your digital workplace geared towards better communication and collaboration. 

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