Knowledge management system: A definitive guide to positive employee experience

Knowledge Management System

Did you know that 74% of organizations report that a good knowledge management solution boosts company productivity by 10 to 40%? Given this, it is not surprising that an inefficient knowledge management strategy costs fortune 500 companies nearly $31.5 billion every year.

Knowledge is power, and every organization incorporates it in their everyday work chores in one form or the other. Moreover, upon the onset of hybrid culture, employees waste most of their precious time searching for valuable information.

As per the study conducted by McKinsey, employees spend 19% of their time searching and gathering information.

Organizations’ valuable knowledge and information need to be structured and delivered to provide easy access to the workforce, leading to a great employee experience and enhancing workplace productivity.

This is where Knowledge Management System (KMS) steps in.

This guide covers the details about Knowledge Management System and how it will empower employees, especially the hybrid workforce.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Knowledge Management System?
  • The powerful features of KMS.
  • How to build an effective KMS
  • How does KMS help the hybrid workforce?