Intranet In Microsoft Teams Ebook


Organizing for adoption: Intranet in Microsoft Teams.

We took part in the world’s largest at-scale remote work experiment, and it had a significant impact on the employee experience,

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

Earlier this year, on February 4, 2021, Microsoft has introduced its new addition- VIVA: a brand new “employee experience platform.” This development of Microsoft is centered on the difficulties and the lessons acquired from the Covid-19 pandemic like the significance of the corporate culture, communication, employee experience and, the inclusion of frontline workers.

Meanwhile, in the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has emerged as the most-used collaboration tool with its record-breaking usage in 2020-2021. It is ideal for everyday conversations, sharing files, receiving updates, and quick audio & video calls. So, can we replace the company’s SharePoint intranet with Microsoft Teams?  Instead, why don’t we bring our company’s intranet on Microsoft’s platform to make collaboration better? And what role does Microsoft VIVA play in this?

This guide is created to give you an understanding of how we can elevate employee experience, enhance productivity and collaboration with the best digital workplace platform that offers real value to the hybrid workforce.

In this e-book you will know:

  • How Microsoft Teams has become the go-to-collaboration space
  • Strengths and limitations of Teams
  • Microsoft Teams as digital workplace and its challenges
  • Introduce Microsoft VIVA- A Digital Employee Experience Platform
  • Explore VIVA Connections
  • Why Mesh and VIVA Connections are a perfect combo