Intranet Solution For Higher Education, Colleges & Schools

Intranet Solution For Higher Education, Colleges & Schools

Improve the learning experience, drive student engagement and increase faculty productivity!

A Centralized Digital Hub For Faculty, Students and Administrators!

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Collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing are at the core of schools and higher education institutions. Mesh, an Employee Experience Platform, provides an integrated set of digital workplace tools to connect your faculty, students and administrators on a unified interface.

Build an online community where your teaching staff, students and administrators can access information, network, broadcast announcements, share ideas, have conversations and so much more!


How a renowned U.S. based private university improved student experience with Mesh 3.0

Build The Campus Experience On A Digital Ecosystem

Intranet Software Share Your Ideas

Share Ideas

Use idea management tools and discussion forums to share ideas and suggestions for a better learning experience. Capture ideas from students and faculty for new initiatives or to solve challenges facing your institution.

Intranet Software Contextual Information

Contextual Information

Provide quick access to contextual information to users based on their role, department, major, course, seniority, field of study and more!

Intranet Software Keep Everyone Informed

Keep Everyone Informed

Share the latest news, important announcements and promote your institution’s activities on the intranet. Send real-time notifications to ensure everyone receives time-sensitive information.

Intranet Software Find Information Quickly​

Find information

Mesh’s cognitive search engine makes it easy to find information. Whether it’s your institution’s policies, procedures, schedules, department guidelines, or course syllabus, access documents at light speed.  

Intranet Software Improve Campus Engagement

Improve Campus

Publish blogs, stories, videos, images, institutional achievements to build community engagement. Drive awareness to your events like upcoming commencements, orientation programmes, cultural and sports events with Mesh’s content management system in SharePoint.

Intranet Software Streamline Administrative Workflows

Streamline Administrative Workflows

Your administration department has a lot to manage and keep track of. Mesh lets administrators have streamlined workflows related to onboarding, form filling, procurement, facilities management etc.

Intranet Software Access Information Anytime And Anywhere

Access information anytime and anywhere

Mesh improves the accessibility of information. Your students and faculty can use Mesh’s mobile app and intranet chatbot to access information anywhere, anytime.

Intranet Software Collaborate And Work Together ​

Collaborate and Work Together

Connecting people and getting things done has never been easier!  Create dedicated workspaces, groups,discussion forums to improve project and assignment collaboration. Collaborate, chat, and share project materials in one platform.

Intranet Software Learning Experience With A Centralized Knowledge Base

Simplify the Learning Experience With A Centralized Knowledge Base

An intranet is the right place to store your institution’s information and documents. With Mesh’s document management system you can have a single place to store and share course curriculum, presentations, syllabus and anything related to teaching and learning.

Intranet Software Connect And Network With The Right Experts

Connect and network with
the right experts

Connect with the right people on the right projects. Use a campus directory to find lecturers, students and researchers based on their field of study, department, language, skills and other custom criteria.

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What Makes Mesh the Best Intranet Software for Higher Education, Schools and Colleges?

Intranet Software World’s First Autonomous Intranet

World’s Best Employee Experience Platform

Mesh is the World’s Best Employee Experience Platform that provides a range of advanced features including cognitive enterprise search, personalization based on user profiles, flexible integrations, knowledge management with applied AI and many more!

Intranet Software Robust Security

Robust Security

Whether in a real-world environment or in a digital ecosystem, security is critical for any educational institution. Mesh is built with enterprise-grade Microsoft technologies and provides advanced security capabilities to keep your institution’s information safe and secure.

Intranet Software Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We have more than 14 years of experience in deploying SharePoint Intranet solutions for over 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across industries. Our solution is recognized by leading industry analysts, like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

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