A Mobile-First Solution To Engage and Connect Frontline Workers

Empower frontline workers to access critical information and digital tools on the go.

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Increase frontline productivity and engagement with tailored digital experiences


The role of frontline workers, deskless employees and contractors has never been more critical for business survival and growth. Yet, these customer-facing employees often remain unengaged, uninformed and disconnected from their desk colleagues, top management and corporate communications.

Consequently, organizations face high turnover rates, lowered productivity, and increased absenteeism and costs.

With Acuvate’s digital workplace mobile app, your frontline staff can use intuitive digital tools to find the needed information quickly, perform day-to-day tasks and stay connected with the rest of the organization.


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Explore The Benefits Of A Frontline Worker Mobile App

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Stay Connected With Targeted Communications

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Keep your frontline staff informed by sending targeted content, company news, latest updates and stories that are personalized to a worker’s role, function, location and responsibilities.

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Increase efficiency with self-service tools

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Provide intuitive self-service tools and quicklinks to perform simple everyday tasks like submitting a PTO request, managing time/attendance records, checking a pay stub etc.

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Enable access to information on the go

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With a mobile-first digital interface, frontline workers can quickly access relevant documents, files, reports and other information needed to complete their tasks, anywhere and at any time.

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Make frontline voices heard

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Frontline workers directly interact with your customers and are the eyes and ears of your business. Take advantage of surveys, polls, and ideation systems to capture their opinions, feedback, concerns and ideas.

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Improve engagement with social collaboration tools

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Frontline workers in many industries often operate in remote areas and feel out of the loop. Drive employee engagement with enterprise social networking features like blogs, discussion groups, forums, and so on.

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Training and development

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Constantly training your frontline staff and helping them develop new skills not only increases organizational productivity but also increases frontline engagement. Our solution provides access to training documents, videos, and other relevant resources.

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Connect top management with front staff

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Ensure your frontline staff stay connected with your leadership team and organizational mission and goals. Use push notifications to send latest company updates, announcements news and messages from top management.

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