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A centralized digital workplace platform to manage projects better and increase productivity.

Keep teams connected and manage your project workflows better with an Employee Experience Platform


Typically, employees in the construction industry are always on the move. From meeting clients to working on-site to managing backend operations, teams are dispersed across locations.

In such a scenario, files like design documents, contracts, guidelines etc. are sent via email, instant messaging, and other siloed apps. This information often get lost in the excess amount of knowledge sharing happening daily in multiple apps.

Moreover, existing project management systems may not integrate with other enterprise applications which decreases employee productivity and leads to a loss of efficiency.

To ensure day-to-day operations and construction projects run smoothly, consider deploying a modern intranet software that lets you access enterprise-wide tools, documents, files, and other content from a single digital interface.

Mesh 3.0, an Employee Experience Platform for construction companies, promotes collaboration and communication, and reduces the time to find information by offering a wide range of features, including mobile apps, chatbots, content management systems, employee directories, social capabilities, cognitive enterprise search, and much more.


How Mesh helped a reputed construction company improve productivity and reduce project management costs

One Intranet. Many Benefits.


Stores all data under a single digital interface

With a robust content management system, you can host project portfolios, blueprints, client contracts, compliance memos, and training videos on a centralized digital hub, making it easier for employees to access and use information.

Intranet For Construction Provides Personalized Information

Provides personalized information

The construction industry deals with a plethora of updates in rules, regulations, and compliance procedures daily. To keep employees up-to-speed, modern intranets deliver personalized content based on the users’ roles and interests, so employees are always in-the-know of what’s relevant to them.

Intranet For Construction Enhances Employee Engagement

Enhances employee

Employees can publish the latest construction trends, post essential project updates and also non-project related news on your Intranet’s homepage. Moreover, with social capabilities like blogs, workspaces, employee forums and directories, an idea management system, and various communication tools, your workers can connect with colleagues, brainstorm, innovate, share feedback, and drive discussions that matter.

Intranet For Construction Increases Employee Productivity With Smart Search

Increases employee productivity with smart search

To find information about projects, contracts,blueprints, training, and procedures, employees can leverage the cognitive search engine that will allow them to search for information across all enterprise apps and get highly relevant and personalized results. 

Intranet For Construction Mobile Access For Deskless Workers

Mobile access for deskless workers

Whether you are at the project site or on the road or at the office, get real-time information and track everything, including project schedules, deadlines, equipment status, blueprints, client reviews, and much more on the go with a mobile intranet app.

Intranet For Construction Find The Right Internal Expertise

Find the right internal expertise

Construction projects require the involvement of multiple stakeholders with varying expertise. Mesh provides personalized recommendations on the right internal subject matter experts to connect with based on users’ projects, roles, locations, interests etc.

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Why consider Mesh as your software-as-a-service Intranet solution?

Intranet For Healthcare World’s First Autonomous Intranet

An AI-enabled Employee Experience Platform

The core features of Mesh 3.0 include AI-driven personalization, flexible app integrations, knowledge mining, cognitive enterprise search, and intranet chatbots, making it the best Employee Experience Platform.

Intranet For Healthcare Build With The Best Of Microsoft Technologies

Build with the best of Microsoft technologies

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft Azure and AI services, including Azure Search Services, LUIS, Office Graph, and MS natural language Stack.

Domain Expertise

We have 14+ years of experience implementing SharePoint Intranet solutions for 200+ large and medium-sized enterprises across various industries. Our expertise in the field is recognized by leading analysts like Gartner, Forrester, and ClearBox.

Cloud-Based Intranet

Our Intranet can be deployed on a cloud environment. It is also offered as a SaaS model. Mesh is quick to implement, easy-to-update, cost-efficient, secure, and scalable.

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