Mesh in ClearBox Consulting Report for the second time

“A well-featured intranet with streamlined content management capability, integrated social tools and exciting power-ups” – ClearBox Consulting

Mesh is recognized as one of the best intranet providers in the ClearBox Consulting SharePoint Intranets in-a-box report V5.4 2020.

This year, ClearBox conducted independent assessments on leading intranet solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 and covered over 54 intranet products (32 in-depth reviews and cataloging 22 more). They have reviewed these based on eight common business scenarios like scores, pricing, vendor track record, and support, etc in the following categories: Europe, North America, Multinational Companies, Value, and User Experience. We’re extremely happy and proud to announce that Mesh – An AI-Powered Next-Gen Intelligent Intranet is selected as one of the best intranet solutions for SharePoint another year in a row. And we continue to develop our solution further.


About the ClearBox Report

Sharepoint Intranet in a Box

ClearBox published their new SharePoint intranets in-a-box report V5.4 2020.. The full report is over 600 pages of detailed analysis, covering 54 intranet products(32 in-depth reviews and cataloging 22 more) and “accelerators” for SharePoint and Office 365. Provided reviews are completely independent, detail the strengths and weaknesses of each product, and score them systematically, based on eight common business scenarios. It provides a full of practical suggestions on the tools that can give you a quick-start to an intranet journey. ClearBox Consulting Ltd. is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience with a mission around bringing clarity to the digital workplace.

How Mesh Made it to The Top Intranet Providers List!


Our motto is to improve business efficiency by building enterprise applications that help in intelligent collaboration and orchestration of information.Mesh is a powerful intranet accelerator solution using which organizations can quick start their intranet journey. It is ready to deploy intelligent intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint Online.It comes with a host of diverse features for communication, collaboration, social, content authoring and more. It leverages all the features of SharePoint Online for communication & collaboration and Yammer to connect, engage and socialize across your organization.Workbench is a content authoring module of Mesh. It has an intuitive interface for content authors to quickly create news articles, announcements, events etc with ease. This robust tool provides maximum flexibility for customization and offers optimum performance and content management for organizations around the globe.ClearBox noted that Mesh is a well-featured intranet with streamlined content management capability and integrated social tools for socialization.

We are pleased with this achievement and continue to provide the most flexible options for deploying single suite modern intranet with the integrated content management tool, social elements, powerful SharePoint analytics tool and multilingual support across global organizations leveraging the Microsoft technology stack.Mesh also comes with an AI-powered companion bot “MeshBOT” providing the rich self-service user experience. It leverages cognitive, AI and ML services in Microsoft Azure to bring in intelligent experiences in the digital workplace.
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